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Dark Brotherhood mod thingy

dark brotherhood assassin assassination

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you come up with a good title im not good at this
Now then
Even with the amount of side contracts we get in the vanilla game and even in the Skyversary thing, My bloodlust cannot be satisfied, and we definitely didn't get enough main contracts. I was thinking about if we had a mod filled with main contracts, side contracts, and even retrieving stuff for new members. I envision it with new NPCs who join you in the Dawnstar sanctuary or even the Pine Woods sanctuary if ze people haven't got past that part yet. Of course it'd include voice acting which, as shown by some great mods out there like Falskaar, or Helgen Reborn, wouldn't be too hard for somethin' like this. Main contracts would consist of meeting the person who performed the Black Sacrament, getting their orders, going on special missions performing special tasks do perform special kills potentially including special poisoned food like in the quest to kill the false emperor. There could be multiple paths to take on primary contracts, such as: Framing for a terrible crime (leading to a public execution you attend the next day or so), poisoning food (as aforementioned), or just killing them directly (shoot them in the face with yer bow thingy).
I think it'd be a fun addition to the game honestly, and if some great mod authors come together to collaborate on this then maybe it'll be one of the most bootiful mods on the Nexus



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I wanted something like this for a long time too.It would be hard to script though,and I think it should be another guild,more of a guild and not a cult.

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