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A simplistic Steward (or Housecarl) outfit manager

hearthfire housecarl steward outfit

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What I am looking for is a type of minimalistic script -- not unlike the script that causes new Blades recruits to wear Blades armor, sword, and shield -- specific to Stewards (in Hearthfire homes), or even all your housecarls, that re-defines their base outfit to be one of the player's choosing.


I am imagining something along the lines of the following...


The player has some sort of activator, or manager, to decide a set of...

1: a headpiece,

2: a chest piece,

3: gauntlets,

4: boots,

5: ring, necklace, shield and weapons optional


Gaining a new steward, or housecarl, then makes the defined outfit their base outfit, just like what happens to the Blades recruits. Ideally, you would also be able to change the outfit at your leisure.


[I'm told some follower overhaul mods do something similar? But this wouldn't be for followers, just stewards/housecarls.]


With a mod like this, the player would be able to set a "uniform" of sort for a Hearthfire home. E.g., I am the goddamn Dragonborn, and I'm drowning in dragon bones. Mandatory dragon butler outfits for everyone.

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