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Shadows of Darkest Soul (An Elder Scrolls RP)

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Adrynn Indarys, the Farewell

Adrynn watched as the ship quickly sped away from the docks of Molag Mar. The eruption in the plaza and the sudden disappearance of whoever caused it barely distracted the Redoran. He knew something was happening, something beyond his control. He could feel the winds of change shifting, and he silently wished that wherever they took him, it would be for the better.

Adrynn turned to look at his companions. He had grown to know each of them in some small way, whether his long lost cousin Velanya, his near brotherly bond with Lecuaro, or his ever increasing respect for the hunstman, Kriak, or his wonderment at the silent assassin, Ayra. He was glad he had met them, and knew that his travels with them would continue. They were family, at this point. They had been through so much together it had bound them together tighter than any blood ties could. It was bittersweet, because Adrynn knew that sometime soon, he might never get to see his friends again, but that didn't mean he wouldn't appreciate the time he had with them now, at the present.

He looked at the Nerevarine bound and unconscious on the ship floor before him. There was much about this man that they had yet to learn, and most importantly, where his path lay after he was himself again. It was daunting, but Adrynn knew that it would happen. He would make sure of it.

As he felt the ship turn into the the Inner Sea, Adrynn turned and looked to the east, toward where the rising sun was peeking over the horizon. there, standing majestically in the morning dawn, was the great statue of Azura in the distance, holding aloft a Moon and a Star, symbolizing her power as Queen of Roses, and Mother of Moonshadow. Adrynn felt his brand flash as he caught a glimpse of the distant statue, and knew that they would succeed. They had to.



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Batlis Llervu, the Farewell
Balits stood in the shrine, a trio of Winged Twilights staring him down. The rushed him from three directions, clearly their mistress was not pleased with his presence. The mage unleashed a massive storm of energy around himself, the Decimator as his spiritual predecessor had called it. Baltis had spent the last three years learning to cast that spell and now it was something of a signature of his. The Twilights were blasted away, one died outright, another crashed into a wall and the third fluttered to the ground with a broken wing and damaged ankle. He finished the one by the wall of with a blast of lightning and summoned a small horde of clannfear to pick apart the final daedra. Baltis approached the shrine to speak with the Daedric Princess but received no reply. In frustration he sent a fireball at the statue, scorching it badly but not destroying it. He strode to the door in a rage and saw a boat on the horizon. His lip curled with agitation, they were headed straight to the shrine. He did not know what the ship or the future would hold but he knew that he would have his power one way or the other and no one would stop him.

Kriak, the Farewell
Kriak stood silently as their ship cut through the waters of the Inner Sea. He was quite pensive. Over just a few short weeks they had all been through so much and grown together immensely. He reminisced about the ones that they had lost along the way as well as the new companions they had made. He glanced over all of the familiar faces aboard the ship. Adrynn, whom he respected immensely and would gladly take an arrow, bolt, spell or blade for; Caius, the cantankerous old spy he rarely saw eye to eye with but still cared for all the same; Velanya, the toughest woman he had ever met; Lecuaro, a strong commander and a great leader, a man who Kriak only had the utmost respect for; and Arya, the interesting newcomer that Kriak had scarcely met. Kriak was extremely protective of all of them and he hoped that they would all survive the coming storm. For he knew that change was coming, great change and it would be violent change. For better or for worse he was yet to know.

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