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[Fallout: New Vegas] The Dark Times of the Mojave

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Thanks to the work of the Vile and Sadistic Courier Caesars Legion booted the NCR out of the Mojave. The Brotherhood of Steel is wiped out, Robert house is a rotting corpse, and Caesar sits on his throne in the Lucky 38. While order's been brought to the Mojave its a enforced Peace. Those who refuse to obey are quickly put in their place. Be it slavery, or a grave. Most force themselves to live with this new rule. Some choose to flee the Mojave. Others...Choose to fight...However they don't often live long. Perhaps you can be the exception to this? Or maybe you'll die like so many others, forgotten to history with no one to mourn your passing...




Much like the game this Rp is based around it will begin in goodsprings. Now, I'm assuming you'll all be familiar with the locations in the game. Obviously they'll be a wee bit different on account of the Legions occupation. I'll describe how they are when we get to them. Goodsprings is generally uneffected aside from a few legion parties coming through. Most people have left the town save for those who are loyal or stubborn.




While you're character can be as mean as you like don't be mean (OOC.)


Obviously don't make your character flawless and perfect. Everyone has a flaw of some sort and aren't the best at everything blah blah you get the point.


One character and a companion are allowed but no more. However you may kill them off to bring someone else in.


Protagonists from other games are allowed, however if they're taken by someone you may not use them.


Forum and Community Guidelines apply.


No sexual content.




In order to join the Rp you need a couple things.


First off is your character, here are the things required. However you can include things that aren't here.




Race: (Ghoul, Supermutant, human, etc.)




Perks: (Realistic ones only. If I don't deem them realistic I'll tell you to change them.) (Three at max.)


(If you're character is canon include it in these brackets.) 

And an introduction post obviously.




Now, I shall get onto mine.


In Rp stuff:



Age: Over two hundred


Attire:Stained and faded Leather armor with a yellow '13' sewn into the back.

Equipment:A 357. Revolver, A scoped hunting rifle, a trench knife, two plasma grenades.

Skills: Albert is a skilled tracker, able to find most people when they seem to have 'disappeared', He's also quite skilled with a gun...Assuming they aren't energy weapons. While its not his best skill he can give most people a run for their money.

Perks:Rapid reload, Swift learner, Heave ho.

Appearance: Albert looks like your average ghoul. He has a small amount of facial hair remaining, blue ish eyes. He's a tall and Slender man.

(Fallout 1.)


---------------------------------------------IC post-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Albert grumbled quietly while he sipped at a bottle of Nuka-Cola. Despite being a Saloon he didn't drink  any alcohol. He wasn't too big of a drinker and only drank on 'very' special occasions. He looked up towards the bartender. She was an older woman, He believed her name was Trudy or something along those lines. This wasn't a very populated town. Seeing the Legionnaires in the corner he assumed they were one of the reasons. However the Legions presence didn't seem very large here. Mind you this wasn't too big a town, it probably didn't have enough for them to put a large force here. He wasn't fond of the Legion, but he couldn't deny that they brought order to the Chaos that was the Mojave. However it wasn't the type of Order most would prefer. It was the 'do as we say or your terrible life will be made even worse' kind. He was tempted to go back West. But for some reason he didn't. Maybe he was just stupid? That was probably it. Who else in their right mind would remain in this hellish place. He looked to his right hand, it was a little wet from the cold bottle. He placed the bottle on the table he was at and wiped the hand off on his side. The leather felt rough against his already rough hands. He looked up from himself, the blue eyes that inhabited his eye sockets going around the room again. He was always watching his surroundings. You never knew would someone would sneak up on you and ruin your day in one way or another.


He raised the bottle back up to his rough and cracked lips. The liquid poured in and ran down his gullet when he gulped. The bottle was half full now. He loved his cola. Loved the taste, the feeling of it in his mouth, how cold it was. He raised it up to his forehead, and pressed it against his skull. It was hot in the wasteland, a few drops of moisture came off the bottle, it ran down his head and too his eyes causing him to close them and wipe the liquid away. Once again he placed the bottle on the table. He put both hands out infront of him, put them together, and continued to crack his knuckles. When his hands lowered and left his sight he let out a sigh. The Legionaries seemed to have taken a bit of interest in him. One hand slid under the table and continued to loosen the the revolver in its holster. 





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Name: Marcus Liles


Age: 24


Race: African-American (Human)


Attire: Battle-Torn NCR Trooper Uniform (Still Bearing the two-headed Bear), Trooper Helmet and Dog-Tags


Equipment: Combat Knife, Fragmentation-Grenade (1) and Stimpak (2)


Skills: Marcus has been trained in military marksman, he could out shoot and out snipe anyone that would come across his cross-hairs on the battlefield. He's also a skilled survivalist and wouldn't have made it through the Legion's Campaign without that skill set.


Perks: Sniper, Commando and Concentrated Fire


Appearance: Marcus has a clean military cut with a rugged shaved face (Time in the Mojave). He is average build with a slight muscular tone and physically fit, light brown-eyes to match his complexion. He also have a scar over his right eye (Legionnaires Machete)


IC: Marcus stumbled up to the town of Goodsprings, despite traveling miles on end to get to his destination, he finally made it. The war was over between the NCR and Caesars Legion, The Legion came out victorious and pushed the NCR back. He knew his attire would bring unwanted attention but the pride in him of being a soldier was that he loved, the two-headed bear emblem was forbidden in the Mojave but he knew in order to survive this conquered land he had to adapt to the cause. Before taking anymore steps to the saloon door, he looked around for clothing he could replace his uniform to keep from running into trouble. He was too fatigued to get into an altercation and wanted to avoid. He then notice a leather-jacket and jeans which he quickly took and put on. His combat knife, frag and stimpaks were also transferred over as well to the new attire. He quickly dumped his uniform in a near-by Brahmin feeder and continued towards the saloon entrance.


He entered and right away notice the bartender cleaning her counters and rearranging a few items to sell. However on the corner of his eye he noticed a few Legionnaires looking towards a Ghoul, laughing and smirking while they drink up their beverages. Seeing as they haven't notice him yet, he continued to the bar with a casual pace and took a seat on the stool "Ma'am, I would like to ordered some purified water if you have some and if not a Nuka-Cola", with a smirk she quickly went into her rusted fridge and took out a bottle of purified water "Here you go fella, hope this cheer you up...ya kinda look like death". She exclaimed while looking towards him then tending to her bar. His body was too weak to respond to her remark and only wanted to taste the ice cold water slowly slide down his throat. He reached for his water, feeling the ice cold breeze and held it up to his dehydrated cracked lips. He tilts the bottle slightly and tilts his head back as if it was a secondary motion and begin taking swigs to the half mark of the bottle. Immediately his body was cool and refreshed. He brought the bottle from his lips onto the counter and began staring so blankly at The Legion propaganda that was posted ahead of him.

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Name: Ghost Shadow (Bodaway)


Age: 17 (chronologically 339)


Race: Native American (Human/Mutant)


Attire: Sleeveless outfit with a vest, Wolf necklace, Ballistic Mask (Battle)


Equipment: 2 Desert Eagles, Katana sword


Skills: Over the years, Bodaway has witnessed the death of his loved ones and his close friends, This has made him into a cold blooded killer who never hesitates to kill, Trained to be a ninja after he was captured and experimented in Japan which he never returned until 1996.


Perks: Ninja, The Professional and Lady Killer


Appearance: Bodaway looks like a 15 year old kid who is reckless and inexperienced but he is the most famous killer in the west, He has long hair, covering his left eye and he has pale blue eyes. His body is scarred due to the tortures he endured during the war.


IC: Drifting from California on his bike, Bodaway noticed it was getting dark, so he went and stopped at a town called "Goodsprings"  He then entered the Saloon, heading up to the bartender asking for a drink, He wanted to forget the past, His torture, the death of his friends, everything. He was approached by two men wearing the symbols of Caesar, The man that he has heard that had a high bounty on his head, he smirked, knowingly that he has found a person worth pursuing, He was the shoved by the two legionnaires, threatening him to enter slavery, he then took out his sword and sliced both of their bellies open, then he heard loud footsteps coming from the other side, The large Legionnaire grabbed bodaway from the back but then he heard gunshots, from a .357 revolver, knowing that the ghoul saved his life, He offered him a drink, in which the ghoul refused, He saw an NCR soldier staring at the propaganda, Caesar had already won, but Bodaway didn't fear him, He tore down the posters and burned it with the bodies of the Legionnaires, Bodaway had found a new way to redeem himself, after all these years, He had finally became an assassin again. He had decided to join the resistance.




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IC: Being clueless on what happened, Liles was in a daze. He was so into the propaganda that he didnt even notice the stranger walk into the saloon and killing the two legion soldiers, nore did he flintch when the ghoul shot his .357 into the body of the more heavier legion soldier. War was all Liles knew and surviving was just second nature. He continued to stare at the posters until the stranger, appearing to be a teenage boy tore them down and threw them with the rest of the trash before burning the corpses. Liles looked at the boy as he walked outside and got up from his stool to follow. The Mojave has always been a hostile battlefield that housed creatures that want to eat you or from the raiders wanting to torture others for the hell of it but this action that he witnessed was different...It was as if he had a second chance in bringing morale and hope for humanity.


Once out the saloon, Liles watched as the boy burned the bodies right out front and knew that once word got around that Goodsprings had a few dead legion soldiers that it would bring trouble. Liles finally spoke "You do know you only just made it worst for these people here. They didn't want any trouble but seeing that you didn't have a choice in the matter that you killed them with no problem even with the consequences at stake." Liles watched the boy as he continued watching the fire but didn't hear a response from him.

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