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Skyrim runs like a dog in interiors

performanceframeratelag windows 10 interior inside

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Edit: FIXED IT! I uninstalled "Raptr: gaming evolved" because I noticed I had this prompt in the top left hand corner of the screen telling me how to take screenshots. It was always there and when I looked up by moving the mouse up far enough, a small white windows cursor always appeared. Weird. There was also like a screengrab library that appeared whenever I closed Skyrim. Didn't think that'd be related but Skyrim's working much better now.

So it wasn't windows 10 at all, thankfully.


Hi all


I recently upgraded to windows 10 and noticed that Skyrim is running like a dog in interiors and on the title screen. I think I'm getting about 5 fps. There doesn't seem to be any mouse lag - it's probably the most playable poor framerate I've had since Descent on a 486. Exteriors work like a dream on high settings (not max). I did start modding but noticed the mouse wasn't really moving smoothly across the title screen before I started.


Things I've tried:

-Updating my graphics drivers

-disabling the mods in NMM, even the unofficial patches (but not SKSE)

-enabling triple buffering in my graphics card's settings

-installing "Remove Interior Fog V2 - Full version"

-reducing all details to low via the steam options menu. It looks more like I'm playing Morrowind and it STILL runs poorly. Not sure if there's a slight improvement or if it's in my head. I even dipped the resolution as much as it let me.

-launching via steam (rather than SKSE) to see if that helped.


Things I'm yet to try:

-Install any other big 3D games and see if they have similar performance issues on this build. I might try Dishonored next, seeing as that's a Bethesda game (Pillars of Eternity works well, however).


If this is unfixable, I'm wondering if Skyrim is worth playing. I haven't really played it much. I modded it to its eyeballs in 2013 and broke the gameplay, then decided I would play other games and come back later. But performance was fine then. I still have the same computer, just with a different OS and a new SSD (Skyrim is installed on my HDD). I'm wondering how much of Skyrim takes place in interiors and whether it'd just be worth putting up with? I've already spent a lot of time on Gopher's videos learning how to mod it (again) so it'd be a shame to give up now, but if even half the game is spent inside, I'm not sure my eyes and brain can handle this.


My computer is this:


GPU: Gigabyte Radeon HD6950 1GB OC

CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1090T

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3, 2x4GB

PSU: Silverstone Strider Plus 850W


And I'd prefer to play a different game than reinstall Windows 7. Obviously Win10 is the problem here but I'm not going to uninstall it unless I'm really limited in what I can play regarding the rest of my games.


Other info:


Game location: D:\games\steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim

Game version: The latest one from Steam (recently reinstalled). All DLCs including Hearthfire and the High Res Texture pack.

Running with SKSE, but I suspect the problem existed before installing mods.



Load order






Hi res texture packs 1, 2, 3



Remove Interior Fog V2

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Did you do anything special to get Skyrim to operate on Windows 10.  I can't download mods with Windows 10.  Thinking of returning to Windows 7.  




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No. I had my bad (over and poorly modded) version on my 2nd hard drive, but I deleted that, NMM and everything else I could find associated with it, and started again. It installed fine but I noticed the mouse cursor was a bit funny on the title screen. I thought I just needed to tweak some settings, but alas...

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