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Skyrim long loading screens.

loading screen crash ctd long loading screen freezes mods skyrim

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I think I f***ing fixed it.  

I got rid of Enhanced character edit, which I feel like may have been it.  

I also dumped a few different armor mods as well, while I was testing and Ill be reinstalling them one by one to see if any cause the issue.  for now, my money is on either ECE interfering with another mod, or just too much 4k res armor in general.  Ill keep you guys posted if this might help somebody.  



I'm 99% sure it was ECE.  Not sure if it was incompatible with something, I installed it or configured it wrong, or it was just borked.  either way, if you have issues, try swapping to racemenu and see if it makes a difference. 


I've spent most of today trying to figure this out. 

Essentially skyrim will have long loading screens.  Vanilla skyrim for me gave me around 5 second loading screens on my PC, for the most part.  Recently its been giving me loading screens of 2 minutes.  During the loading screen I'm unable to alt tab, bring up task manager, etc.  Once it finishes loading all is well and all works.  


I doubt its my pc specs, as its worked fine before, and I don't have frame rate problems.  


PC specs: (or what I remember off the top of my head)


Windows 7 prof. 64 bit

AMD FX 4300 quad core processor

Radeon HD 7800 Video card 

1 TB HDD, its not an ssd.  I forget the rpm but its decent speed.  

16 gb of ram


Its not a bad computer, I should be running all this fine. 



(** next to mods I've tried uninstalling to solve the problem)


True wolves of skyrim

Contracotr and Mavari armors

Daedric Reaper armor**

Immersive armors**

Skyrim unlimited rings and amulets**

UNP female armors**

UNP dragonborn armors**

UNP dawnguard armors**

NARC No animals report crimes**

Safety load

Weapons and armor fixes remade**

JK's Skyrim**

Blindfolds of skyrim

The Art of Magicka UNP

West wind combat series misfit mage UNP

Genesis dynamically increased enemy spawns

UFO ultimate follower overhaul

Lush trees and grass **

Real Ice **

Alternate start, live another life**

realistic ragdolls and force **

Run for your lives**

When vampires attack**

Skyrim community uncapper **

Apachii sky hair**

Brows - Ningheim**

Brows - standard res**

Dual sheath redux, and hotfix**

Bag of holding**

Playable instruments**

Apocalypse magic of skyrim**

Phenderix Magic evolved **

Bear - in memory of taylor**

Better jumping**

HDT highheels system**

QAsmoke door**


NetImmersive Override (its a fix to help ECE work with DSR)

RaceCompatability with fixes**

UNP female body**

SG female textures renewal**

Skyrim realistic texture overhaul clouds **

Interesting NPCs**

Nock to tip **

Project reality, climates of tamriel

HDT physics extension**

nock to tip compatability patches**

showracemenu precache killer**

Unofficial patches (all dlc as well)**

Legacy of the dragonborn**

Bottomless Pit**

Ningheim race**

Ishs Souls to Perks**

Breezehome fully upgradable** 


Immersive animations**

Raven Castle**

realvision ENB**

SG hair pack**

Dance of Death**

Eyes of beauty**

UFO and dlc patches**

XP32 Max skeleton**

Better dialogue controls**

Better messagebox controls**

Item sorting by saige**


UI extensions 1.2** 

Auto unequip ammo**

Enhanced blood textures

Pure waters**

DCR blade set reloaded

FAction crossbows

Immersive weapons**

lore weapon expansion**

sao elucidator and dark repulsor**

unique weapons redone**

Enhanced character edit


Yes, that is a shitton.  If I just have too many thatd make sense too.  I just ask because I've had this many and not this problem before.  I had this problem every third or 4th loading screen before I had DSR and all its prerequisites installed too.  It sometimes happens every loading screen, but most often I get good loading screens for the first couple and it gets worse later on in playing.  Restarting the game helps sometimes. 


I'm testing a bunch of mods, uninstalling tons of stuff.  


My save is like 9.5 mb, and this happens on a new game too so not save bloating.  I have skse fully updated, everything is organized via loot, and fnis and dsr are both patched.   Just wanted to know if anything stuck out as obviously my problem.  


It is my first time posting here in ages so if I f***ed up the format or something tell me so I can fix it, and thanks for taking the time to look over this and see if you can help.  I'll update the list as I test more stuff.  It just takes a while because I have to uninstall, load the game, sit through a 2 minute loading screen before I can close skyrim, then move to the next mod.  

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