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Chuckling softly at the wimple-focused conversation, Ben found it amusing to simply witness his companions interact among each other without intervening. However, his amusement was quickly dulled by the aching fatigue that roared throughout his body; an afternoon of hasty jogging and borderline hiking had taken their toll on him. Arching his back somewhat as their group came to a stop outside the tavern, Ben also heeded the rumbling growls of his empty stomach, and he pondered on what sort of cuisine awaited them within the establishment.


"What food would you suggest to a bunch of foreigners like us, Sers?" The young man inquired as he rolled his tense shoulders, thrusting his chin towards the tavern's entrance.  "I reckon food here is much... different, simpler perhaps? I never had a chance to try out medieval dining back home, not that such a thing would probably be very popular in the South, I don't think..."



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"I imagine it would be a simple stew or something with carrots and potatoes in it," Ardan said to Ben as he handed Gawain his sword.  "Maybe a hunk of pork or chicken if we're lucky.  Having grown up on a farm, so long as it doesn't have mold or worms or horrible smells, or can be used as make-shift armor, it will probably be good to eat.  Beggars can't be choosers, after all."  He'd eaten three-day-old pizza that had been left on the counter before with no ill effects, but the others might not appreciate such information right before eating, so the redhead kept that tidbit to himself.


He stretched a bit after walking all that time, while stifling a laugh as he watched Kat and Rose dismount and try to walk.  "Hey, Ben, I think perhaps we were the lucky ones here," Ardan commented aside, before looking towards the door of the inn.  "Sooo... should we knock first?"



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Dinadan nodded at Ardan's assessment, "Something like that, yes. You'll see." This last part was accompanied by a mischievous grin. "I do hope you are the adventurous sort."


"Oh, cease your prattling, Dinadan," Gawain said, taking the sword from Ardan's hands and holding it by the sheathe, "They don't need your tales making them afraid of a mere meal."


Dinadan snorted, but said nothing.


With that, Gawain turned about and began walking purposefully towards the tavern whilst the squires tethered the horses firmly. The first to enter the building, what patrons were there immediately silenced upon seeing the armored knight duck into the doorway. Most of the onlookers were female - which meant that they were actually male.


"Oy! It's Sir Gawain the Good!" one called from the shadows.


A chorus of whistles and cheers erupted from the patrons, to which Gawain held up a hand to calm them, "As much as I appreciate your enthusiasm, good citizens, I am here on the business of the king. Mind yourselves."


Dinadan, who brought up the rear of the party, gestured for the others to follow her comrade-in-arms with a reassuring tone, "Go on...no one will stop you. Not with us here."


Kat swallowed a lump of nervousness that had risen unbidden in her throat and entered the dark tavern common room after Gawain, whose polished armor glimmered with the reflection of the many dancing lights of candles within. She immediately felt eyes lock on her as she did so, presumably staring at her attire, and she found herself unable to meet those many curious gazes.

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Rose was used to folks giving her a bit of a gander for her looks, dress, accent or what have you.  That,  'you are an outsider and shouldn't be here'  that you got when you went into the Harvard library and the workers gave the look as if something smelled foul. Rose was more prepared and caught Kat's deer-in-headlamps look and the sound of expectant silence.  Coming in after the knights, she cracked her knuckles and gave the crowd a thousand yard stare.  Though she didn't have any pool cues, Rose figured she could make do in a pinch.  One thing you learned in the hills is how to scrap.  


Moving slowly, but not from pain... really, Rose moved around the side near Kat to get a better view.  She left her hands down, but ready should something go wrong.  Bar fights were bar fights after all.  Didn't matter if it was in the 21st century or days of King Arthur.  Rose scanned the crowd, seeing faces in shock but many looking a bit more, unhappy.  This led her to lock eyes with the biggest and, dear gods the ugliest woman she had ever seen.  Rose squinted...was that a wort?  Since the gender confusing Rose suspected this was glamour hiding the biggest, ugliest MAN she had ever seen and this worked nicely.  She let a slow smile cross her face and then, slowly blew the beauty queen a little kiss.


Why let the knights have all the fun?



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