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Untrusted Certificate and Login Problems

certificate security login posting

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When I went to log in here to post a Mod Suggestion (yes, that one that's in this section... Apparently browsing the forum while typing a post in another tab is a bad idea because it causes the post to end up in the wrong place?) Firefox came up with a big warning message saying that this website's certificate was incorrect, according to an Avast report. Since I added an exception to get onto the site, I can't really find the specifics to give, but it looked pretty serious. Before anyone asks, yes, my clock is set to the right time. I know that can cause problems.



So I found out why my mod request ended up in this section - when I first went to post it, the site had apparently logged me out in the middle of posting, which then made it come up with a big warning message saying my security key was not the same as when I clicked to make a new post. So I logged back in, but I apparently did so in the wrong tab and then went to post it again, unaware that I was now in the wrong section... Many apologies for that. However, this seems to be a big issue since it happened AGAIN when I frist went to post this (originally just about the certificate) and that's how I found out that was the problem... So... Dunno what the deal is with that. Let's hope second time's a charm again with this post (though it would be nice to get the correct section this time...)

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