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The nature of modding, authors and donations

author modding donations

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Dear members of the nexus modding community,


       It is clear that the majority of people do not endorse paid mods after all that has happened on the steam workshop. I, myself, believe that mods are the poor man's alternative to keep buying new games, and that modding is a beautiful, creative art-form which can connect a lot of people of mutual interests. Not only that, but the reason I got a degree in Computer Science was because of modding in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. The question is, how do we pay back the authors even when it is not expected (general statement considering the nature of free mods)? Should there be a moral standard? I, at the very least, believe that this should be done:


1) Endorsing mods

2) Possibly voting


With regards to the donations, perhaps a 0.33$ to 2$ minimum on one's favourite mods if able. I don't have a current source of income as a recent graduate, however I believe these amounts would definitely not hurt especially if one has a source of income. I personally have not donated yet (I definitely should have in the past with stable income), but plan on doing that once I get a stable source of income or at the very least a few mods.



To summarise:


1)Endorse and/or vote good mods

2)Vote your favourite mods

3) Donate for favourite mods, ranging from 0.33$ - 2$ minimum


I see this as a way of making modding community flourish as well as increasing the small amounts of donations I hear about.


Would this be a good idea? Or is the idea of monetizing mods on any level a bad one?



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I think donations should be OPTIONAL. I understand that a TON of work goes into some of these mods and have no issue with some of them asking for support.


But support shouldnt be mandatory it should be optional. They arent being forced to create and release content just like we arent being forced to play the games. Its something


we do and enjoy on our free time. 




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Yes, I suppose you are right. Saying it is a "moral standard" is simply rephrasing things and trying to make donations mandatory on some level. Guess it will have to be from the people if it were to happen.



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Donating less than 1$ via paypal is largely useless, because Paypal takes a fixed amount (I think about 30ct) from each transaction. So unless you want to donate to paypal, save your money and donate more per transaction.

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