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Settlements getting annoying


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20 developed settlements with defenses wayyy over the necessary. I just fast travel [or use the vertibird] to go to the settlement under attack, sit on a couch and watch the attackers die as they go through. Sometimes I have to pitch in a little when there's the occasional missile-wielding raider or greenskin.

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Actually, you know what's starting to bug me even more? I'm getting the impression that fortifying settlements is actually COUNTER-productive. Not only you have to repair more if you fail to defend them, but sometimes I don't even get notified of any attack. Just everything is broken, for whatever reason.


Especially up north, meh, the enemies are low level, so it's less of a bother to just shoot everyone who drops by, than to end up repairing 20 turrets.  It's easier to spend two clips of ammo and a stimpack than the resources for all the turrets and whatnot.

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