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Bozar,LMG,or LMG mk II?

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Ladies,gentlemen,and all things in between,I come to you today with a question. I seek to make yet another new character for New Vegas,this one making full use of Cowboy and Grunt,two perks that I literally never took before. No idea why; They turn average and amazing weapons both into utterly insane things. Now,this SHOULD go without question,considering what forum we're on here,but my game is modded. As for what mods I have installed,I have a pretty extensive load order,though the ones that I think are relevant to my question are...


-Gun Runners' Arsenal: Official addon. Includes the Bozar,among other things.

-A World of Pain: Why did I not install this earlier? Adds the LMG Mk II,among other weapons,and many other things besides.

-Weapon Mods Expanded: Also known as WMX. Ensures all weapons in the game have three mods each. Adds the Improved Rifling (+15% damage) and Recoil Compensator (Spread reduction) mods to the LMG and Bozar. Bozar can also take the drums for an extra 110 bullets. AWOP's LMG Mk II can also take these mods.

-Project Nevada: An essential. Does insane things with the engine to make the game actually possible to play in real time,among many other things.

-Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch: A monumental grab-bag of patches that,among other things,puts the Bozar under Grunt's influence.

-LFox's Missing Ammo Recipes: Lets you make specialized ammo for nearly every calibre. Why this isn't vanilla is utterly mystifyng. Should make feeding the LMG I select easy.


So,my question is thus; Which LMG should I use? The pickin's are the basic LMG,the Bozar from Gun Runners' Arsenal,and the LMG Mk II from A World of Pain. Here's the differences as I observe them between the three...


-LMG: Middle of the three for ammo capacity. Excellent damage per bullet,tied with the Mk II. Actually reasonably accurate when you aim; I've done some excellent sniping with the thing in the past. Thank you,Bullet Time!


-LMG Mk II: Second verse,same as the first. Now put me on a plane,so I can put 'em in a Hearse! Stats are tied with the original LMG across the board,except for ammo capacity; If I recall correctly,with the drums,you're looking at somewhere around 350 rounds to a drum. I never really checked if Grunt effected it,though...


-The Legend Bozar: Okay,it's not the Fallout 2 incarnation. However,while it has less damage than the others,per bullet,it has a significantly higher rate of fire,and the gap only grows larger with perks and traits. On top of that,the thing's laser accurate,has a scope (I often find it difficult to read iron sights in games),and it can still take all three aforementioned mods,thus mitigating the ammo issue.


The choice is very difficult for me,especially considering what I'll be using as my "Kill it NOW!" weapon; The Medicine Stick,which can take a scope,a long tube (+2 bullets),and a forged receiver (+50% durability).


If you want to math things,the Bozar's base damage is 19 per bullet,and Grunt will improve that by 25%,bringing it up to 23.75 per bullet. The others are 21 per bullet,with Grunt pushing them up to 26.25 per bullet,though that's assuming Grunt effects the Mk II.


So,yeah. Nexus Community,which would you go for,to compliment the Medicine Stick?




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 However, if we take out the ol' math, then 


 DPS : 285(474.8)

Crit dmg: 19

crit mult: x0.05

(Note: Grunt doesn't actually effect Bozar, apparently because enabling two separate DLCs is impossible.)



 DPS: 252(508)

crit dmg: 21

crit mult: x0.06





 There's a chart provided on both links which compares the stats of all LMG class weapons.

(P.S: All of them need more dakka. )



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Dude... Comparing weapons based on wiki DPS values is terrible. I no-lifed for two weeks to make my DPS chart factoring in all perks, bonuses, caps, enemy DT, ammunition types and I got zero replies. Then, I see this thread.

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