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Glowing Character Fix (Simple ENBoost Soltuion)

enboost glowing darker nights character model 3rd person third person fix

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Some of you using mods like "Darker Nights" may have noticed that while in third person the character model seems too bright, almost glowing.  It's a weird unnatural kind of shimmer.  Don't look right at all.


Without Fix...



With Fix...



The fix for this issue is found within ENBoost.  And while that may scare some people off givin the complexites of the program, I assure you this is fairly simple.  This solution uses no other features of ENBoost, specifically the ones that alter ram or anyother system settings.  It simply removes the glow.


Step 1: Download the ENBoost version for Fallout 4 : http://www.nexusmods...out4/mods/332/? Direct Link : http://enbdev.com/do...od_fallout4.htm


Step 2 : Extract the 3 files from the "Patch" folder to your Fallout 4 directory (where fallout4.exe is located)


Step 3 : Open the file labeled enbloacl.ini and delete all text except for the [PROXY] and [FIX] strings.


The end result should look like this...


...save the file and close. You're good to go!


After starting the game, the file will edit itself again, rewriting the default paramiters, except this time they will all be set to false, except for the [PROXY] and [FIX] strings you saved initally...



...In other words, this auto edit is inconsequential... DO NOT EDIT this file again.




Again, I'm pretty sure this is safe in that it doesn't utitlize any other ENBoost feautres, many of which are pretty dependant on individual system specs and can cause issues if you don't know what you're doing. That being said, I can't %100 certain of that.  So if you notice any issues, let me know.  I still think a fix via the console similar to the 'glowing eye fix' for skyrim would be preferable, but as of now there is no other known solution.


I had this non file tutorial up as a mod, but was weary about permissions and usage rights, so I deleted it.  Although the author of ENBoost gives permission freely, I wasn't sure about posting intructions detailing how to edit files that aren't mine.



Moderators, I had another thread under Mod Requests inwhich I inquired about a solution to this before I figured it out.  I edited and redircted it to here, not trying to spam just tryin to be accurate.

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You can get the same Glowing fix by typing "cl off" into the console, without quotes. Give that a try.




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...no thats ok, i prefer my overtly complicated solution.


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