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Reduce level range to 1-20

balance level range reduction

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So, i dont like very much how level works in Fallout.
Each level you and your enemies gains HP , PA, DMG [NOT SURE]. Well its Fair, but the level range on the game its like 1-99.
It's seen stupid to me find a super-resistent Radroach only because it's level 20. Or find a Camp with lots of Raider at lvl 10 when you are lvl 30. They are A LOT weaker than the "stupid" lvl 20 RadRoach hehe.
So, let me introduce my proposal.
This mod would make the experience needed to get from level 1 to 2 the same amount as vanilla 1 to 6 (1750)
2 to 3 the same as vanilla 6 to 11 (3625)....
So a level 50 in vanilla game would be a lvl 10 now. (almost 11)
BUT the intention is to only reduce level progression and range, keeping Perks and other stuff proportional
For example, you would gain 5 Perk points per level.
Perk level requirements would be corrected near to the level conversion

Weapons and armor spawns [and mods] would be rebalanced aswell.

So, basically this mod would balance enemy's lvl range without sacrifice the Perk's progression and equipment.
My intention is to make the game more balanced, without encounters with super weak mobs or super strong's too
You could say its like a shooter game, i agree, but i think it's more like D&D, where the level range its 1-20 (heroic) and more based on perks and talents
No more High Level Radroachs or Low Level extremely-weak Raiders!

Well, it's just a suggestion.
Everyone that like the ideia but disagree with the numbers or something, fell free the discuss and sugest changes :smile:




For example, your level 21 now would be a lvl 5, with 20 perk points. You should have about 12 hours of game at this point and encounter monsters between 1 and 8 (where you used to find 1-36)

For example, Gun Nut perk lvl REQ wound be like: [lvl 1 - 3 - 6 - 10 ], slowing weapon power progression. The same for other crafting perks. [Vanilla: 1-13-25-39]
Damage and Resistance perks REQ would be higher too, to keep it balanced. Especially Damage one's
-Example: Rifleman [lvl 2-4-7-10-12] // Vanilla [1-8-28-38-46]
Therefore, exploration perks would be reduced, like Lockpick [1-2-4-8] // Vanilla [1-7-18-41]

For example, in level 20 you kill a lvl 10 Ghoul with 1 shotgun shoot, but a level 30 ghoul you have to spend about 6 shoots. With this mod, the level 10 would become a lvl 3, you would be at lvl 5 and the lvl 30 ghoul would become a lvl 7. Higher Difficulty would be more noticeable too, i believe.
[When i say ''become'' , i mean in a new game, i know its not possible do convert saved games]

For example, combat rifle, combat shotgun, assault rifle would start to appear in lvl 8 or more

<< Legendary Weapons Nerf >> [Especially Explosive and Double Shot]
<< Less Stimpack and Chems from loots and Enemies >>
<< Instant Scrap Perk // Scrap All >>
<< Highlight Rare Itens >> [Like Scrapper Rank 2]




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actually the level range doesnt exist just last night my level 257 dweller fought a level 358 cyborg, but most enemies are aroind 20-50 the few exceptiosn ive seen scale to my level are supermutants but most raider and rad roaches have a upper limit already

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