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Build Vertibird Helipad, Barracks Support for Settlements

settlements vertibird minutemen request support

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So we can build artillery for our settlements after a certain point, and Sturges can build a molecular relay from junk and a back-of-the-napkin schematic, but you're telling me that my growing empire can't build a decent helipad and vertibirds?! I mean, considering how many vertibirds the BOS just throws around, and how many of them just crash and burn seconds after spawning, you'd think SOMEONE would've gathered the parts to put one together? Aside from the one quest that requires aligning with a certain non-BOS faction, you have no way of calling up a vertibird if you're anti-BOS. I think its about time we make a mod to solve that problem.


Ideally, one would make a mod that lets you build a Helipad/Vertibird combo (classified as "Special") at any one of your settlements; like artillery, it would be cool if they had a range, but unlike artillery, it would be cool if each settlement in range sent one vertibird per helipad (so if you have two settlements nearby, each with two vertibird helipads build and manned, then you could get 4 vertibirds for support). A realistic mod would also require you to "repair" the helipad if a vertibird gets destroyed, although that might not be possible until we have a script extender, idk. 


Furthermore, its silly that we might have beefed-up settlements, with miniguns and rocket launchers for everyone, but that when we call for Minutemen support, they come along with the stupid laser muskets. We should be able to invest in a Barracks of some sort in each settlement, which when manned, upgrades Minutemen support in the area to a degree proportional to said settlement's defense and happiness scores. So, a happy settlement, with a high defense, should be able to send along several units in acceptable armor and rapid-fire weapons. Finally, if you have tons (no pun intended) of power armor frames, it would be awesome if at the height of your defense, you can leave frames in your settlements with barracks and helipads, and then high-happiness, high-defense settlements could send you support with one or two units in Minutemen Power Armor, or airdrop them when you call for vertibird support!


I have some knowledge of modding from Fallout 3 and Oblivion (so its been a while clearly), so I'd love to help out with this project. I just don't have enough know-how without the GECK to get this thing off the ground. (Pun somewhat intended)




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dude i just posted a similar idea except more relating to the actual command and hierarchy of the minutemen. I'd love to help with the creative side of this project if you do get something started! if you do, please contact me via kik (preferred) @ JohnTheFaptist or email @ [email protected]

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