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Hot Topic #1: The dumbing down of Oblivion

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ok morrowind and O are great games but they can be better (all games can be better :P)

if I was a dev. I would fouces on the smaller details in game like cloths, items, magic items set bonuses ...etc (make millions of them like diablo2) and I would add talent trees like in world of warcraft.

I would make magic more like "OMFG THAT WAS HAWT" and would add so much spell effects and AOE (area od effect spells) and truly make magic fights amazing (flashing lights at night thundrous sounds..etc) I would put hundreds of spells instead of same spell but 10 versions of it :P

I would try to make stealth like thief game becuase that game is HOT

combat is nice

I would have planes to add all the land of the elder scroll series (morrowind, daggerfall.....etc even the woodelf city)
I mean have u read the in gmae book "danceing in the fire" or "dance in fire" can't remember name it was awsome it descibes places that I wanted to go to U MUST read it and see what I mean

I would try to make more epic fights like tens of lowly minions and huge bosses :D

in short O is a great game but it should have taken the nice things other RPGs had and added then to thier game (diablo2, wow, gothic, summoner, spellforce.....etc) a lot of great games all have thier flaws its not wrong to take the good out of them and make a MORE epic game




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Well oblivion is a great game, but the weapon and armor system and enchanting is a little boring,
oblivion says it's over 50 different types of armor, but when i checked with the cheat ''COC TESTINGHALL''
There isn't so god damn many, and the weapons are a little dull when you think of what realy would have happened
if you hitted a guy in the face with a deadric or ebony War Hammer

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