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Shadows of Corruption

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Welcome to the discussion thread for Shadows of Corruption . Here, roleplayers may post their character sheets, put up pics of their characters, discuss the RP, and handle any other OOC (out of character) business.

*There should be no OOC posts in the RP thread itself.*


Shadows of Corruption is a World of Thedas-based RP. You may know this worldspace from the Dragon Age series of games and novels. FreemasonGamer and I created this RP, and he has agreed to co-manage it with me. The story is one that begins approximately ten months after the end of the Fifth Blight, during which time Ferelden is recovering from the physical and emotional losses of the past year. The initial party is comprised of members from an expeditionary force to the Deep Roads through Orzammar, hired by wealthy and opportunistic collectors seeking to profit from the emptying dwarven tunnels. Unfortunately, it is here that things go terribly wrong, as they so often do...


This RP starts in 9:32 Dragon. The ending of Dragon Age - Origins, for the purpose of this RP, will be as follows:


- The Dark Ritual was performed.

- The Warden-Commander (Elisabet Diane Cousland) is Queen of Ferelden, ruling beside King Alistair Theirin.

- Amaranthine was burned, Vigil's Keep was saved.

- The Architect and the Mother were slain.

Also, here are some rules  that should be followed when posting in Shadows of Corruption, originally made by Lisnpuppy.

1) Have fun. If you are finding yourself always irritated or unhappy...then why are you here. Figure out the issue or go do something else.

2) Never forget the line between RP In Character and Out of Character and don't cross it. It is easy, especially when you have particularly intense RP, to take things personally. Don't....99% of the time it isn't all about you.

3) Start with a well made character. Have a decent background and personality to make your RP more fun and easier. Your character doesn't have to be set in stone. But having a solidly made character is important or your RP may peter out. Have your character have likes/dislikes, goals, dreams, an arch-enemy....this will help you flesh them out even more and bring them to life.

4) Relationship RP should be the ICING not the CAKE! Make it a side-quest if you will...not the main one.

5) You have to give a little to get a little. We all have RP storylines in which we want others to engage. That is what makes it fun, right? But if you find a friend knee-deep in a RP of their own, don't come in and hijack the RP for yourself or refuse to participate because its not all about YOU. Have fun and throw your lot in with them! Trust me, when your time comes around, people will remember that you play well with others.

6) Don't be a MaryJane! Don't decide that you are going to be a half-dragon or the long-lost illegitimate son of the King of Whoville. It doesn't work, it probably isn't in the lore anywhere, and it will lead only to your RP downfall. Eventually your “special” character will begin to dominate everyone else and their RP. No one will want to play with you...so make your character special in other ways.

7) No godmoding!! Remember, you only control YOUR character and not others. When you RP, do not take over the actions of other Rpers.

For example: Jon casts a frostbolt at Matt knocking him back into the wall and breaking his arms.

Instead try: Jon cast a frostbolt hoping to hit Matt and knocking him out of the way.

This allows the other player to take action. You can have decided before hand how this will go out. You can roll to see what actions happen or how bad an injury is.

8 )Soap Opera-ing. Many of us have wanted to play our character as crazy, a total badass or having an illness or amnesia. Those can all be valid and fun stories. The doom is in taking it too far or too long. These kind of stories ultimately leave little RP options for those around you. Always have movement and a goal in your RP...otherwise it goes nowhere.

9) Be willing to RP with anyone, anytime. Just because you are in a guild or Rping with a friend doesn't mean you can't include others. Walk-Up RP can lead to great things...or simply pass the time for a bit. If others don't RP EXACTLY like you...no sweat. Perhaps they are new and need some gentle guidance. So be open to everything!

10) Communication is the key. Always establish your RP boundaries when you are Rping with someone long-term. If you don't like swearing...or a particular kind of violence...or if you will take anything coming down the pike! Let others know. It avoids awkward and unpleasant conversations later.


A few more rules to add:
11) NO RPing canon characters. If canon characters are requested and/or needed for interaction, they will be RPed by myself.

12) NO Grey Wardens or Mabari Warhound companions are allowed. You are limited to the classes and races provided in the character sheet below. Choose from those options only.

13) You are allowed ONE specialization during char-gen and ONE to be obtained during the course of the RP. The acquisition of a second specialization must be approved by the RP founders.

14) No teleportation. For one thing, it can get really OP very quickly. For another, it causes pandemonium.

15) No strong sexual content. Just because your character/characters are in a relationship it doesn't mean that everyone wants to read what they are doing in their private time.


16) All members are expected to post in three weeks' time. Members who do not post within three weeks of their last one without mentioning RL issues, etc. will be removed from the RP. If something arises that keeps a member from the RP, they can just let either myself or Mason know, and that member will be excused from posting until he or she can officially return.


17) The main character limit is ONE. No more than that, so choose wisely. Side characters are allowed, but they must be in and out very quickly...no becoming a permanent part of the story.

FreemasonGamer and I are co-founders for this RP, and thus, we share the right to enforce the rules.

Additionally, it is important (not to mention courteous) to take turns posting. If you are waiting on a roleplayer to interact with you, and they have not posted in a few days, PM them...they may be busy or may have simply forgotten that it was his or her turn to post. Please be considerate. :smile:



Character Sheet Format








Race (Human, Dalish Elf, City Elf, Noble Dwarf, Casteless Dwarf):


Class (Warrior [1 or 2 handed], Rogue [Dual Wielding or Ranged], Mage):


Specialization, Choose ONE if desired (W - Champion, Templar, Berserker, Reaver, Guardian; R - Assassin, Bard, Duelist, Ranger, Shadow; M - Spirit Healer, Blood Mage, Force Mage, Shapeshifter, Arcane Warrior/Knight-Enchanter):
















***All character sheets must be approved here first before members are allowed to post.***


When you're ready to post, head on over here.



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Name: Celeste LeVenoisel


Gender: Female


Age: 24 (born 9:08 Dragon)


Race: Human


Class: Mage


Specialization: Spirit Healer


Appearance: Celeste has very large and pale blue eyes, thick but straight golden blonde hair, and a fair, almost porcelain complexion. Her face is thin and oval-shaped, with a sharp nose, chin, and cheekbones. Her brows are thin, her hair loose around her shoulders and usually brushed straight back from her face. She has a slight frame, but stands at around 5'6''.


Armor/Clothing: Celeste wears a pale blue robe made from several layers of swirling silk, some lighter in color than others. It is trimmed in gold piping and sports a matching pair of slippers and gloves. A gold sash bound tightly around her waist accentuates her graceful figure. The neck is high and fastens with gold buttons.


Weapon(s): A simple-looking oak staff, the head carved into the shape of a dragon. It casts a base enchantment of frost damage. The well-worn grip suggests it is quite old.


Accessories: A simple, shining silver pendant, shaped like a crescent moon and hung on a matching chain, which slightly enhances Celeste's mana reserves.


Personality: Celeste has a combination of her father's refined tastes and her mother's adventurous spirit. She has a light, kind, and caring personality, though she can slip into solemn brooding at times. She is easily lost in her own imagination, and she is also fairly excitable when situations seem favorable to her. Celeste possesses a trove of knowledge, most of which average people would find useless, so she is happy indeed when someone takes interest in what she has to say.


Family/Relationships: Margary LeVenoisel (Mother), Etienne LeVenoisel (Father), Linette LeVenoisel (Younger Sister)


Background: Celeste was born to a wealthy Orlesian traveling merchant and a Ferelden mercenary. Her mother fell in love with her father when she was part of his hired escort team en route to Denerim. The two soon married and purchased a homestead near Redcliffe; a year later, Celeste was born. When the girl demonstrated magical talent at an early age, she was quickly whisked away to the Circle of Ferelden, and there she stayed for much of her childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood. Celeste passed her Harrowing with flying colors, but the experience left a mark on her that went unseen by the Templars and the First Enchanter. Having been confronted by a Desire Demon in the Fade, a Spirit of Purpose intervened and helped Celeste to drive the demon away. Celeste never told either the Knight-Commander or the First Enchanter about the event, afraid they would think she would have failed the Harrowing had it not been for the spirit's timely aid. In the days following, she would be occasionally contacted by the same spirit, and her confidence and strength as a mage only grew from then on.


Before long, Celeste was recognized by the Circle as a talented Spirit Healer, the Spirit of Purpose fueling her healing and beneficial magics. Of course, this fact put her under a great deal of scrutiny by the Templars...more so than the apprentices managed to garner with their foolish and inexperienced ways. She was put under the watch of a young Knight-Corporal, Ser Gabriel Delaney, who acted as her escort to almost every place in the Circle tower and ensured that her possible turning into an abomination would not go unpunished. However, when the Fifth Blight surfaced and the Circle was shattered by Uldred, it was Ser Gabriel who managed to save Celeste from the rogue mage's clutches, and it was only then, after a frigid swim in Lake Calenhad, that Celeste suddenly came to an accord with him; he wasn't just supposed to protect others from her, but to protect her from others as well.


Celeste was recently granted leave from the Circle by the First Enchanter, who was contacted by a wealthy collector wishing to hire a scholar for an expedition into the Deep Roads. The First Enchanter gave Celeste indefinite time away from the Circle for this task, trusting her to be capable enough to handle herself appropriately and to return home when it was time. However, the Knight-Commander was not so easily satisfied and ordered Ser Gabriel to accompany her, "just in case"...

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Name: Wind


Gender: Male


Age: 31


Race: Dalish Elf


Class: Rogue


Specialization: Assassin


Appearance: Wind is of lean build, a natural athletic form. He bears a tattoo on his neck that means 'Cursed Wind' and Antivan Crow's tattoo on his right forearm. On his left is an array of tally mark tattoos that signify his completed assassinations for the Crows. He has striking blonde hair and his eyes are a mismatched color of light blue and dark green. He is tall for an elf, standing at around 5'5" and over the years he has collected numerous scars.


Armor/Clothing: He wears a drake scale leather chestguard and boots. He wears a grey hood and face mask with a dark cloak to cover himself.


Weapon(s): Luvana and Isabela, his twin Crow-Blades. A Dalish shortbow and throwing knives.


Accessories: Smoke bombs and satchel.


Personality: Wind is a larger then life type of person. Likes strangers and people. He is fond of drinking and carousing. He comes off as arrogant but the true depth of his personality is far more. Wind enjoys adventure and companionship. He is a hopeless romantic at heart, chasing after skirts and defending the weak, a trait that has caused him endless amounts of trouble in the past.


Family/Relationships: Girlfriend, Ilana (Deceased) Wife, Luvana (Unknown whereabouts)


Background: Wind was born to a Dalish clan living in Antiva. As a boy he was taken by the Crows and trained as an assassin. After many years working for them and achieving the rank of Master within the group of assassins he left the Crows. Tracking down his old clan and marrying the girl he loved as a boy, Luvana. After a year living with the nomadic Dalish he was hunting in the woods and fell under attack by a band of Crows, after dispatching them he rushed to the campsite his clan had been using only to find death and destruction. His wife was not amongst the bodies. He left, wandered to Kirkwall where he set himself up at The Hanged Man, in Kirkwall he became well known as a mercenary and knife-for-hire. After saving up he bought a ship and fitted her with a crew, then set off to sail as a pirate and smuggler.


For several years he plied the shipping lanes, stealing and pillaging his way through numerous merchant vessels. He eventually grew tired of being constantly on the run once he set foot on Ferelden he turned the ship over to his First Mate and departed. Wandering about, offering his lethal handiwork for coin and searching for a cause greater then himself.



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Sorry, Mac. If you were having trouble keeping up in MM in addition to TOF, then I wouldn't think you could handle this one in addition to TOF, either. We have the same posting rules in place.



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It wasn't trouble, just lack of interest. I couldn't get into the character. Wind is a character I love to RP as and TOF I have been keeping up with. I got this Auri  :cool:



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Mac, Mason and I have agreed to accept your sheet. However, considering your accumulation of warnings in other roleplays in the recent past, you're only getting one warning for this particular RP.



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It wasn't trouble, just lack of interest. I couldn't get into the character. Zevran is a character I love to RP as and TOF I have been keeping up with. I got this Auri  :cool:


Fixed that for ya.




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Name: Abraham Rohart


Gender: Male


Age: 46 (born 8:86 Blessed)


Race: Human


Class: Warrior (Two-Handed)


Specialization: Templar


Appearance: With a naturally imposing stature of 6'2" and a burly physique honed by many years of labor, Abraham is a man whose arguably intimidating presence rarely goes unnoticed. To accentuate his impressive physicality, this former Templar also exhibits many characteristics which betray his venerable age such as the weathered complexion of his tawny skin and the vigilance in his dark green eyes. Also, Abraham's brownish-black mane—a think, proudly maintained beard and an unruly mess of hair reaching down to his shoulders—is peppered with several dull gray streaks like veins of silver. It is worthy of note his normally fierce gaze and nigh-perpetual smolder only tend to relax or show kindness when in the presence of those he trusts.


Armor/Clothing: When expecting a fight, Abraham adorns his well-worn, carefully tended to set of silverite heavy plate armor, but he usually wears mundane outfits consisting of long sleeved wool shirts, faded trousers, heavy leather boots, and his black bearskin cloak. The ornate silver buckle of Abraham's belt is the only taste of fashion he will tolerate as he often stubbornly refuses to wear more formal attire except during the most suitable circumstances.


Weapon(s): Abraham's weapon of choice is his exquisitely forged silverite greatsword, Tempest. Similarly to his set of silverite armor, Tempest is one of Abraham's prized possessions; he has even invested in the necessary runes to enchant Tempest with frost and lightning damage.


Accessories: Around Abraham's neck is a simple gold chain upon which two ceremonial gold rings hang. In his possession are also a Templar lyrium kit, an elegant briarwood smoking pipe, a tin of woody cinnamon-scented tobacco, and a dwarven flask capable of holding a considerable amount of drink.


Personality: Both due to his age as well as his past experiences, Abraham typically exhibits a steely, almost sage-like demeanor. Although, his piercing gaze and indifferent expressions often reveal his morose attitude towards most things, especially when he is stressed, frustrated, or worried. In the presence of irritating or ignorant individuals, Abraham usually remains marginally considerate and respectful out of perceived necessity, but he is easily prone to freely voicing his displeasure or aggravation if provoked. This toughened exterior does, however, soften and sometimes vanish when Abraham is at peace, typically when he is among good company. He also finds himself smiling most whenever he rests before a warming fire with his smoking pipe in one hand and his dwarven-crafted flask in the other; surprisingly, Abraham heavily dislikes being intoxicated in spite of his fondness for tasteful liquors. While he rarely exhibits or admits it, Abraham does have a large heart for those he cares for, and threats or disrespect to his family are some of the only things in Thedas that will easily spur Abraham into intense hostility or aggression.


Family/Relationships: Brandon Rohart (Father, deceased), Miriam Rohart (Mother, deceased), Shaw Rohart (Brother, alive), Joselyn Rohart (Sister, alive), Marlee Rohart (Wife, deceased), Sophie Rohart (Daughter, deceased).


Background: Born in 8:86 Blessed during the Orlesian occupation of Ferelden, Abraham Rohart grew up relatively isolated from the growing tension between Fereldens and Orlesians since his parents were freeholders who owned land and an inn in the wilds of the scarcely populated Storm Coast. Despite most of his childhood being uneventful amid the lush temperate forests of his home, Abraham became quite the hotheaded young man who always challenged his parents' authority and caused trouble with his few neighbors and his parents' customers. Abraham's behavior reached its height during his sixteenth year in 9:02 Dragon, and his parents worried he would badly influence his two younger siblings: Shaw and Joselyn. Fatefully, a solution presented itself that very year when a small handful of traveling Templars visited the Roharts' inn. After much consideration, Abraham's parents sent him with those Templars to be trained in their Order and hopefully learn some obedience.


As his parents had intended, Abraham did learn to improve his behavior during his time among the Templars, and his noteworthy skillfulness as a warrior at the fairly young age of seventeen earned the attention of his comrades. Soon, Abraham reached the age of twenty-one with the rank of Knight-Lieutenant with five years of experience as a full-fledged Templar under his belt; in acknowledgment of Abraham's talent and potential, his superiors assigned him to the Circle of Magi in Ferelden. Within his first year of duty in the Circle Tower at Lake Calenhad, Abraham had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful brown-eyed, redheaded Apprentice named Marlee. During the remainder of that year, she and Abraham grew very fond of each other, and his exceptional performance and record warranted permission from his superiors to engage in such romance.


By the following year, newlyweds Abraham and Marlee Rohart made their existence within the Circle Tower worth enjoying and embracing together. The next two years that ensued were the closest to bliss either of them had ever experienced. Not only did Marlee succeed in her Harrowing and became a full-fledged Mage, but Abraham's career also continued to climb when he was promoted to Knight-Captain. Best of all, their affection for each other grew even deeper when Marlee discovered she was with child. Such elated happiness was ill-fated, however, as Marlee became deathly weak towards the last days of her pregnancy until finally struggling to deliver her and Abraham's child in the fall of 9:10 Dragon. That bitter evening was silent with the presence of death, and Abraham could barely stand after being struck with the deaths of his wife and his stillborn daughter.


Nothing mattered after that. Abraham was lost in a fugue-like mist that shrouded him in inescapable darkness, a waking nightmare. Remaining in his state for nearly a year, Abraham was suddenly provoked one morning by a Knight-Corporal under his command who boasted of abusing a redheaded Apprentice the previous night. The fit of grieving rage flared without warning, boiling Abraham's blood like lighting as he lashed out at the Knight-Corporal without restraint or remorse; the carnage that resulted before Abraham was subdued was more than enough to ruin his career as a Templar, and it was only because of his otherwise flawless service in the Order that convinced his superiors to simply excommunicate him from the Templars.


Cast out with little more than his personal belongings, Abraham began the painstakingly slow path to recovery that spanned nearly two decades of traveling and drinking. During that time, he made several mistakes and accomplishments, met several people he would one day befriend, and even aided where he could during the Fifth Blight in 9:31 Dragon. After the Archdemon was destroyed in Denerim and things finally began to settle down, Abraham was approached by a wealthy collector who needed an expert swordsman to accompany an expedition into the Deep Roads...

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I've been waiting for this since Inquisition came out :tongue:   Admiral reporting for duty! Hopefully you find this excellent, took me damn near three days.  Oh and any solid info you got on dwarf heights would be greatly appreciated, I can't tell if I went too short or not.


Name: Oren Cadash


Gender: Male


Age: 20


Race: Dwarf (Casteless)


Class: Rogue (Duel-Wielding)


Specialization: Duelist


Appearance: Oren is stout and muscular, as most dwarves are, and stands 4'9. He has a swarthy, dirty look to him, and bears his title of duster proudly. He keeps his beard trimmed close to his face, perhaps 3/4ths of an inch or so. His stern, listless eyes are a deep brown, hardly differentiated from black, and ringed with a dark color of deprivation. He is not altogether comely or attractive; rather his most defining trait is the look of a wearied man lacking luster, though his intimidation factor can't be scoffed at. On his right cheek he bears the mark of the casteless.


Armor/Clothing: Very typically Oren will wear his signature coat made with purplish-grey deepstalker leather and lined with bear fur; with the collar popped of course. Under this he wears a black brigandine vest. A thick leather belt with a simple square buckle keeps his nugskin pants from falling down. His boots are extremely sturdy brontohide mining boots, built to withstand a lifetime of grueling labor.


Weapon(s): On the back of his belt, under his coat, Oren has two blades he keeps sheathed for "special occasions". The steel daggers have the look of bowie knives, with spiked knuckles extending from the cross-guard for extra tactical usage.


Accessories: In a hidden pocket inside his coat Oren keeps a stone pipe. This pipe is quite hard, and engraved with runes, as well as having a generally angular profile (as opposed to an average organically curved pipe). In addition to this he has a pouch filled with lichen that has been coated in a thick viscous substance not unlike honey, though inhalation of smoke from this substance produces an effect rather enjoyed by casteless lowlives and Cartel members. His teeth have also all been painfully replaced by Aurum subsitutes, having a golden color. Prior to embarking on his mission to the Deep Roads, Oren was given his father's lucky ring: an onyx ring with a white circle painted on it. Using negative space, the onyx creates a black sun in the center, a sign of the Cartel. The ring opens, revealing a small red stone...


Personality: Oren is very withdrawn, though this is mainly from his time spent handling raw lyrium, which has left his memory a few notches above goldfish and his hearing a few notches above Mr.Magoo. He is actually a very thoughtful and open-minded dwarf, even if his mind is dulled; and he is almost incapable of being stubborn as most dwarves are, as he can hardly remember a bottom-line to stick to. He is naturally quick-witted, and independant, but capable of doing what he's told when he can remember and the cause is "just". In actuality, his morality is functionally nonexistant, and a cause is only just on his arbitrary whim. He is the type to do as he pleases.


Family/Relationships: Irtumal Cadash (Father, Employer), (Mother, Estranged, Status Unknown), Very strong Cartel ties.


Background: Oren was born to Irtumal Cadash and a member of the mining cast after a plan to illegally acquire lyrium led to Oren's father seducing his mother. As a boy, he was fated to join his fathers caste, or lack thereof. He was abandoned in Dust Town and quickly found by his father's men.


As the son of a very influential member of the Cartel, Oren was significantly better off than any other child in Dust Town, and likely even more so than if he was raised by his mother. The only cost to this power was that he work for it; Irtumal refused to raise a helpless pampered nug like the nobles. He was a courier shortly after learning how to walk, but before he could understand just what he was doing. After becoming a bit more capable, Oren was put to work refining the lyrium his father's men brought in. In his free time he enjoyed making the most of his influence over his fellow casteless, and the lack of authority in Dust Town.


Over time his father instilled a few main values in him: the importance of the Stone, protecting his fellow casteless, and loyalty to the Cartel. He began doing more physical tasks for his father, such as lyrium robbery, extortion, enforcement, and the like. Through the web of the Cartel "bureaucracy", an exchange of favors led to his father sending his most capable bruiser on an expedition into the Deep Roads, his own son.. 

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Approved, neth! Welcome aboard! :)


Also, I have yet to find anything on dwarf height, myself. But what you have listed seems appropriate. If anything comes up in my searches, I'll let you know.

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