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I think Fallout 4 deserves a larger amount of customization when it comes to item and settlement creation. I know there are great mods that add items to these lists such as the ability to craft more items in settlements as well as the ability to create armor/weapons/aids instead of just modifying, but that's only half of my idea. I'd like to know where my character learned how to cook these foods, how to craft those walls, etc. So without further adue, here's my idea/request:

A mod that makes it so Fallout 4 players must learn how to craft items in the game before having access to them. This would take a little more work for settlements, but the concept is still there. There's now a mod out on the Nexus that allows players to craft combat armor. I like the idea of breaking down combat armor and learning a bit about how to make it, possibly the amount learned could be increased by levels of Intelligence and maybe a Perk. This would be more realistic and engaging than just automatically being able to create items right from the start. I also like the idea of being able to take or possibly 'study' items in the wasteland to learn how to create them in the settlement, for example posters. Things more difficult like cars or electronics would require more objects to be 'studied'.

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