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[Mod Request]: EPIC PERKS!

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In Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, there are the bobble heads that raise your SPECIAL attributes to 10. They cannot boost your stats past 10, you cannot go anywhere above 10. You can be a very high-end human being, but that's it: You're a human being. You can have some cybernetic enhancements that can push you and help you in small ways, but that's it.


Not in Fallout 4.


In Fallout 4, you can go up to 11.


When your S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes are at 10 and you pick up a bobble head, it goes up to 11. It's not a bonus that goes away if you get rid of the bobble head, it's not counted as a stat boost you get from an item (marked by that little plus sign). It's permanent.


That makes the Sole Survivor a true superhuman.


That's just added by the fact that some of the feats s/he can pull off are downright superhuman. It's possible for him/her to breathe underwater for Pete's sake!


So it seems...odd that since there's a perk for every level of special, it makes 11 stand out (more so than it already does).


That's where the modding community comes in!


I have some ideas for Perk's that could be accessible once you go up to 11. They might just be selectable at level up, gained as a quest reward or something in between. But I think it would be crazy fun to play with.


The parts in question marks are up to the discretion of the modder.


Strength 11: Behemoth.


You've become a super mutant - on the inside!


-Rank 1: Permanently increases strength by 3 points.


-Rank 2: Unarmed and Melee attacks now ignore (??)% of an enemies armor and Strength is further increased by 3 points.


-Rank 3: Strength is increased by a further 3 points and you can now use mini-nukes like grenades. Who needs a Fatman?


Perception 11: The Sight


You've opened your Third Eye and can see visions!


-Rank 1: Dialogue that previously would've become available by giving chems to Mama Murphy now become available by default.


-Rank 2: Enemies become highlighted and can be seen through walls and through stealthboys!


-Rank 3: Enemies using a stealthboy can now be targeted in V.A.T.S.


Endurance 11: Child of Atom


You have been blessed by Atom as one of his favored children! You think!


Rank 1: Rads you absorb are stored and don't harm you until a certain point. Once a day,  when you fall under (??)% health, you release your stored radiation in a giant nuclear blast!


Rank 2: After detonating, you're radiation damage is healed and is absorbed for another detonation for later.


Rank 3: You can release you're rads on command! Press and hold the power attack button to fire a blast that does (??) radiation damage.


Charisma 11: ??


I don't actually have an idea for charisma. The only thing I had for charisma was mind control, but at Charisma 11, you succeed all you're persuasion checks, making this mind control anyway. Any ideas would be appreciated!


Intelligence: Pure Genius


Make others green with envy as you demonstrate brilliance completely beyond them!


Rank 1: You can now craft all items that need 1 rank of any crafting skill!


Rank 2: You can now craft all items that need 2 ranks of any crafting skill!


Rank 3: You can now craft all items that need 3 ranks of any crafting skill!


(Note, if you want to craft items that need four ranks, you'll need to progress down the perk tree to get rank 4.)


Agility 11: Up, Up and Away!


You demonstrate arial feats beyond mortal men!


Rank 1: Falling Damage is reduced by 50%.


Rank 2: Gain a jet-pack ability, without the jet-pack. Falling damage is reduced by 100%.


Rank 3: You're jet-pack ability consumes 50% less action points.


Luck 11: Murphy's Exemption


You have drawn the total favor of the forces of karma!


Rank 1: Increased chance of legendary items spawning.


Rank 2: Further increased chance of legendary items spawning.


Rank 3: There's a chance two legendary items will spawn on the same enemy.


Naturally, these are only a rough idea and it needs a lot of refinement. The agility perk used to be something that increased your jump height rather than give you a jetpack but everyone loves the jetpack so why not.


Please comment and tell me what you think! :D


EDIT: Heh, whoops. The strength perk was originally going to be called 'Cyborg' but I changed it to behemoth. Could I get a mod to change the thread tags for me? Thank you!

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Thread bump.


I still don't have any ideas for charisma, sad to say.



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Charisma doesn't do much in FO4 anyway. At least, not in a direct-to-gameplay sense.




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Charisma doesn't do much in FO4 anyway. At least, not in a direct-to-gameplay sense.


That's part of my problem. I was joking with the idea of mind control, but you have perks that let you render everything in the wasteland non-hostile and give them commands, which is pretty much mind control already.


This would all probably require the GECK to make, if I'm not mistaken, but I hope someone does make it. Because my modding expertise is zilch. :(

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