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I'm not sure if my system will be able to run skyrim mods..help?

laptop acer hardware skyrim processor ram windows 10 requirements specs

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K so I just bought a new laptop yesterday from this computer store in the Fraser Valley (British Columbia, Canada). So far, it has pleased me very much because of the fact that I've never had a half decent laptop before (they were all dual-core that ran at 1.8ghz or below with not enough ram or hd space). Now that I have a decent laptop, I want to get into some gaming. Not a lot because this isn't the sole purpose for this system, but enough to pass the time when I have nothing I need to do. So my question is, is my system good enough to run certain skyrim mods involving graphics and textures? I ask because the vanilla skyrim textures are ok and ok only. I want to run skyrim like it came out more recently graphics wise. I'm thinking of only installing a few mods (maybe 10-15) and have them all run at once. Will my system be able to handle that or should I just keep it vanilla? Any feedback will help :). Here are my specs:


- AMD Quad Core Processor A10-8700P (Clocks in @ 1.8GHz with turbo core tech up to 3.2GHz)

- AMD Radeon R6 Graphics Card (Hybrid with processor/ built in)

- 8 GB DDR3 L Memory

- 1 TB HDD 

- Windows 10


If you have any more questions feel free to ask. 




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Your laptop should be able to handle that :)




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As long as it doesn't overheat, it should work just dandy (that doesn't mean you can just load it up to the gills like its bottomless - even the best gaming machines have their limits, so eventually expect to hit a point where you *are* hurting performance in a noticeable way and then you have to decide what you want to back off of (e.g. remove a mod, lower resolution, lower draw distance, etc). I'd say keep an eye on how warm its getting, don't set it on something like a pillow or blanket (e.g. something that insulates/traps heat), and if you notice it getting very warm, get a "laptop cooling pad" (its a plastic thing with a fan or fans on it to help cool down the machine) for when you're gaming. :blush:




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For a laptop without a discrete video card, that one is quite good. It will probably run ok, but if you install mods with graphic improvements, I'd suggest running a texture optimizer (like Ordenador), and turn graphic settings to low. Skyrim was not specifically benchmarked, but a lot of other games were here: http://www.notebookc...m.147654.0.html

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