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Ward spells treated as full shields

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Hey everyone, my name is Mace and I have been hanging around the nexus community for acouple years on and off and just recently returned to skyrim nexus checking out all the new ENB graphics adjustments and started playing again. This time through I thought I'd try spit out some more ideas for mod creators out there who are up to the challenges. Personally I've never done any modmaking (quite frankly sometimes I struggle just to get the ones you guys put all the hard effort and time into, working) but definitely not short on ideas. This particular request I found inspired from MassEffect3's multiplayer class the N7 paladin. I thought it would be convenient for mages to not have to compromise defensive benefits when playing a spellsword, then I got the idea to try something more like a spellshield. I came across a mod to change all shields to dispel magic like spellbreaker, via a perk, and another to treat wards similar to shields, in as far as being able to block arrows, and slightly increase defenses thru the shield wall perk. But I notice the time changing between using a shield and magic, is somewhat sloppy and delayed. I want to see a full ward spell that is cast and treated like a shield equipped, by holding up the ward you are able to cast with your other hand as per usual. But it would be even better if wards could be used to actually block melee attacks rather than just add to defense, and bash accordingly, while held up. Im not sure if this is even possible, but I thought the idea was interesting, carrying that shield all the time as a mage could be rather burdening, would be more intense to be able to wield their own magic accordingly. Thanks a lot! Happy modding

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