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The Ravenwitch or Ravenymph or Crowmaiden Daedra

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The Ravenwitch or The Ravenymph or The Crowmaiden daedra


I've always had a question that why would any female want to transform herself into a hideous Hagraven. I know it's for power and magical prowess but it simply doesn't make sense for me... as they live in such horrible conditions... I thought there must be more to it... Then I came up with this concept of Ravenwitch or whatever u may call it...


I'm not a modder & I don't have a good computer capable of modding... so I want to share this idea... Here's the lore & the required questline... u can modify it as per ur wish  :thumbsup: 




A hagraven of atleast 200yrs of age who has achieved vast magical prowess & has slaughtered a lot of living beings will be called on by Molag Bal or Boethiah or Mephala, who offers her a chance to evolve. But to do that she must go to the island of Solstheim & in a remote location she must enclose herself within a cucoon for about one year. If the hagraven accepts this offer, the daedric prince then gifts her an ability of infinite stamina & health along with extreme speed for a short time in order for her to reach the location specified by the daedric lord ASAP. At this moment she looks most hideous with glowing red eyes & her body gets pale & dry. After the hagraven reaches her location, she encloses herself within a cucoon made of her own fluids which later hardens due to the cold climate & ashes in solstheim. She undergoes metamorphosis for about one year or more & then she is reborn as a daedra, called the RAVENWITCH. A ravenwitch is an extremely rare creature & appears only after a questline in the game.



Appearance & loot:

1) Extremely attractive face (preferably random lunari race face) with hagraven feathers as hair (hagraven feathers loot=200+)


2) Voluptuous beautiful nude body (standalone, preferably unpb) (nudity is important here as to keep up with her reputation of her ultimate power & that she does not need any clothes or armor as her magic is more than sufficient to give her protection)


3) Pale grey or white skin, black blood (loot=5+), black eyes with glowing red pupils (loot=2)


4) Vampire like teeth, hagraven like claws


5) Vampire loot + above listed loot + daedra heart + hagraven loot + unique loot + 5+ filled black soul gems


6) Wingless, levitates due to magicka, health & stamina, surrounded with black aura as a sign for great prowess in evil magic.


7) Dragon priest / Flame atronach / Vampire lord / custom animation during levitation.


:cool: Female dremora voice.



Abilities & weaknesses:

1) Stronger than dragon priests & vampire lords, very difficult to defeat yet highly rewarding.


2) Resistant to poison. Able to inflict diseases when player is very close to her.


3) Able to summon atronachs, liches & unique creatures called WITCHLINGS. These creatures are permanent summons of the ravenwitch.

These are short, stout humanoid female creatures (or daedra) who are nude or skimpily clothed (preferably nude) who are somewhat intelligent & also have good magical prowess and able to summon creatures & use weapons. (They make use of reikling animations, have pretty human like face & have pale grey or white skin, elven ears & vampire like teeth) 

They can be killed one by one... or they can be mass killed by killing the ravenwitch who summoned them.

But these summons act like reserve tanks for ravenwitches as they can be automatically killed by her to restore her health, stamina & magicka. So it is better to kill them before killing her.

Summons & stats depend on the level of player. summons vary from 3 to 15.


4) The ravenwitch stops levitating if any of stats drops below 25% or 30%. But able to use attacks using human animations. 

Able to levitate again if all stats get above 25% or 30%.


5) Since undead, weakness against dawnbreaker, silver weapons, fire spells & enchantments.



U will get a letter from a man, whose father was an imperial researcher on hagravens.


He will ask u to meet at the winking skeever, where he speaks to him about the mysterious disappearance of his father & his co workers while he was doing research on the hagravens. He shows u the letter his father had sent before leaving to solstheim. In the letter he had mentioned about his dunmer friend at Raven Rock of Solstheim.


After reaching his place, u need to ask the old dunmer about the researcher, he first asks why does he want to know about him. After replying, he tells u that the old man was talking about a daedra called the ravenwitch & he gives u a book named "Ravenwitches", written by that imperial researcher, in which there are details about the creatures background & how they occur & also the details about the creature upon which he was doing his research. After reading the book you will come to know about her abode in a remote place in solstheim.


When u confront her, she will not attack (but she will attack, if u attack first) & she tells u that she knew that u would come to her, when u ask what happened to the old man, she will reply that she killed him because he was interfering her when she was performing her "duties".


If u tell her that u were here to avenge his death she will give u an option to join hands with her, if u accept her offer, then u must lead the man & the dunmer to her coven where she would consume their souls & bodies & then u will be offered 2 spell tomes.. one for summoning a ravenwitch, another for summoning witchlings; also the hagravens & ravenwitches don't turn hostile towards u & act as allies, unless u attack them.

Should u refuse her offer, she will turn hostile & summon 20+ witchlings (she's a boss  :tongue: ), & attack u. After defeating her, u will obtain large amount of loot & gold, & the spirits of the researchers appear before u, who will thank u for killing the abomination, & they too will offer u the above 2 spell tomes & they will warn u that there are more such ravenwitches in solstheim & oblivion before disappearing. After this u will have to meet the man & the dunmer & tell them about the killing of the ravenwitch, they will thank u & will offer u a good amount of gold in return for ur service, and the quest is complete.


So how is this idea guys???


Hope this mod becomes a reality...


Thank u  :smile:

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