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Personal Jetpack

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Having fun with this mod in my heavily modded 2020 play-through. Found the "independent jetpack" under the "utility" section of the chem station (at the very bottom under my other mod items). No issues so far unless I add the "no flame nor smoke" patch. Doing that made my game CTD if I tried to load a previous save while still ingame (I like to do a quicksave then do something stupid and reload the save). Also using the popular jetpack mod for power armor that allows more colors and materials with no conflicts.




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The flame effect looks very poor.
Also, the jetpack barely lasts for 1 second before draining all action points, and I have over 300 AP (very high number for this game)

...And changing the values using xedit does nothing. I don't think the game recognizes those values anymore, as the jetpack behavior is exactly like the default power armor jetpack now. So it's probably using the main game values for duration/ap consumption, and not the values introduced by this mod

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I think that someone already ask that but I will ask again anyway: do you have intention of make a patch to remove that T-Pose when flying? I really like play in Stealth from a 3rd person perspective and it's hilarious when I'm deeply immersive in get a spot in a building before start shooting and see me flying like that. It's just a visual ditail and I really apreciate the mod, but would be f***ing aesome to have the same animation that the power armor have. Btw I really recomend this mod for those who are "unsure" if it's good or not. A hug from a Brazilian fan!

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