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Someone help I cannot start the game with umod

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I want to replace some textures in Guilty Gear XRD but in this site it says you reqiuire umod to do this. I have gone to umod official website ( https://code.google....exmod/wiki/uMod ) which has stated 3 methods to start a game with umod.

The problem is none of the method is working for me.

Method 1 just does not work and umod never detects the game is running.

Method 2 gives me an error message " The game could not be run"

Method 3 gives me a huge error message that I cannot even remember


Can someone tell me how to start this game with umod. Maybe give a link to a working version of umod you are using.

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Method 1 works. Follow this specific guide:
  • Download this archive containing uMod V2.0 Alpha (r53)
  • Extract the contents of the archive to a directory
  • Start "uMod\uMod.exe" from the directory you extracted the contents of the "uMod V2.0 Alpha (r53)" archive to
  • In the "uMod V 20 alpha (r53) by ROTA" window:
    • In the menu bar:
      • Select "Main>Use global hook"
      • Select "Main>Add game"
      • In the "Select a game binary." navigation window:
        • Navigate to Steam's installation directory
        • Navigate to ".\steamapps\common\GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN-\Binaries\Win32"
        • Select "GuiltyGearXrd.exe"
        • Press the "Open" button
  • Download any of the ZIP archives from the "Files" section to a directory
  • Start GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN- through Steam
  • Drag downloaded ZIP archives from the directory you saved them to onto the "uMod V 20 alpha (r53) by ROTA" window

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Thanks for the help :smile: I finally got it working :smile:

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