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[Request] Reduce Pawn Chatter Frequency

pawns audio ai overhaul

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Greetings community!


Dragon's Dogma is a great game in my opinion and it's very enjoyable despite it's flaws and shortcomings.

However there is one thing I can simply not overlook because it's so frustrating and distracting, that It ruins the otherwise fantastic experience this game has to offer.


Yes I'm talking about the pawn's chatter and oh my god it's horrible! The pawns just wont shut their mouths!
Even if you're just standing around, even when you're fighting or while you're exploring the pawns are continuously talking without pausing for two seconds, like their lives depend on it!
Hell, sometimes you can hear a pawn talk about something and at the same time that SAME PAWN is making combat sounds like "arrrgh" while fighting enemies.
I know that you can tell them at inns to be more reticent in the future and they will promise you that they'll be a little more quiet but those are just pretty lies!
I haven't noticed any difference at all with them "being more reticent", in fact as soon as I stood up from the table they just went on like "bla bla bla" like they always did.
Not even Angry Joe himself could endure the utter chaos the pawns create with their mouths...

I know that there is an option to completely disable pawn chatter, but in my opinion that's just a huge waste of the very good work the voice actors did there because the comments the pawns make
creates a little ambiance. Or I'd say, could create a little ambiance if it was less frequent but in it's current state it's just a nuisance.
The game actually forced me to play only with my main pawn (on easy difficulty  of course) so I won't have to adventure around with a company of mutes or even worse - blabbers.

The funny thing is that even Yukina my main pawn herself alone - while at her more reticent state I might add - can sometimes drive me crazy with her chatter.

So I would like to kindly ask you modders out there - if you have the time of course - please see if there is a way to reduce pawn chatter! It could be a lifesaver if the pawn chatter frequency were to be reduced by about 80% or so. Also if it's possible, it would be great if the pawns interacted with reach other, because right now they seem like they are completely unaware of each other's presence and there is ONLY the Arisen and the surrounding world.

Anyway my main request is to reduce the pawn chatter if possible the pawn to pawn interaction is secondary.

A HUGE thanks to anyone who participates in the making of this mod or supports this thread!




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I agree.  I like the idea of Pawns chiming in, but it's just grating in its present state -- and it's always the same bloody information.


I know the path splits here...  Yes, yes, I see the damn goblins...  Well, NO @#$%! it's dangerous at night -- we've been on the road for a MONTH, you idiot!  GO BACK TO THE RIFT.  GO!

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I think two things would be important - the first is that the talking should be reduced in general, maybe by a slider that a player can control if you wanna get really fancy, and the second is that lines pertaining to a certain topic shouldn't be repeated. If a pawn says "X enemy is weak to Y!" then nobody should repeat that same bit of information for the next five minutes or so.


Could be a little complicated to execute the second part though. If lines are stored in groups - like all the dialogue about something being vulnerable to fire - then it should be easy to do. If not, that means going over every line to figure out which goes where.




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Is there any chance that someone will make this mod?

As I see the last reply to this conversation was almost 3 years ago.

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