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Enchanted Mage Glove Random Loot

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So, this should be a relatively simple one for anyone willing to take a crack at it.

You know how USKP/USLEEP adds mage gloves with meshes that don't clip with robes? Well, considering there are absolutely no good mage glove mods (seriously, they're all retextures, fingerless, or Mystic Tuning edits), I came up with this one simple idea so that mages don't have to do all the enchanting themselves.


Simply put, I think it would be nice to find leveled, enchanted Mage Gloves in loot chests like you would any enchanted robes or armor. That way, a new mage might be able to find, for example, some Gloves of Minor Destruction, with a 10%-15% increase in Destruction skill, and not have to grind or wait 30 levels to have high enough enchanting level to make it themselves.


Of course, to use the right meshes it would have to require USKP/USLEEP.

I know the odds of this sort of thing being made is pretty much none, but the way I see it, even if it's not made, I've used this thread to vent my frustrations at it not being made yet in Skyrim's near-5 years of release.  



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The problem with those USLEEP gloves is they just chop off part of the original gloves to make them fit when instead they should have just done a skin partition for the mesh so part of it would simply hide when covered by a sleeve but was probably too complicated to do. Would have been better to see a mesh that is able to cover the mage outfit sleeves. I made a mod called support gear that adds mage gloves which are just differently textured mystic tuning gloves but also some alchemy gear so you could get all the alchemy gear, work your way up the alchemy tree, get that dead nord enchanters armor from dragonborn, and then super enchant stuff. there is also some smithing gear like gloves and outfit. The stuff isn't super overpowered though just good enough so you don't have to spend forever with the default way of making each alchemy gear slightly better until you reach the max of what you can get. Just find all the stuff in my support gear mod and be done with it or get the dead nord enchanters armor and go a bit further with it.


I have been thinking about finding some glove meshes both male and female that would work for mage gloves but they most likely won't be the same style. I am looking for that rolled over cuff rpg hero look but not a giant cuff but more reasonable.

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