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Transfer enchantments functionality like the Oblivion mod "Advanced Magecraft"

transfer enchantment

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I've searched, unsuccessfully, many times for a mod that would allow me to transfer the enchantments applied by mods like Wintermyst and the new mod, World's Dawn, to my own custom weapons and armor mods.  Wintermyst and World's Dawn are amazing, but their enchantments are limited to vanilla and leveled list added items (and are randomly generated).  There are a lot of really great clothing, weapon, and armor mods that aren't included in the leveled lists.  I have several "custom" items which I don't want distributed to the whole of Skyrim banditry and that won't get the benefit of the new enchantment combinations.  


My humble request is this:  a mod that introduces a mechanic that allows for the transfer of any enchantment (vanilla or mod generated) to any item (vanilla or mod added).


I have two examples of other mods that have done this successfully in Oblivion:


1. Advanced Magecraft by Smoke:  http://www.nexusmods...on/mods/15587/?


I would be eternally grateful if someone could figure out how to port the functionality of Advanced Magecraft into Skyrim.  Here are several of the awesome features it added to Oblivion:

Swap enchantments between items

Add multiple enchantments of your choice to one item

Learn spells from scrolls

Clone items

Recycle items (for a fraction of their worth into gold)

Disenchant items

Remove unwanted enchantment effects selectively

Store spell effects and add them to items as enchantments

Enchant arrows



2. Summonable Private Quarters by LazMonk:  http://www.nexusmods...ion/mods/5568/?


This was a housing mod in Oblvion.  One of the features it had was "The Box of Wonders".  It allowed you to strip an item's enchantment (without destroying it) and transfer it to another item.  You could also switch armor types (light to heavy and back).



I know that I am not the first person to request this in Skyrim and I feel that this would be a feature that others would be interested in having in their game.  Hopefully having a few examples will help a potential mod author figure out how transferring enchantments could be implemented into Skyrim. 


Thanks for reading.

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