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hello i wonder how does sliders work


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Reylo, the way you use sliders is you use the images provided as a reference for the sliders of your own character in the character creation, you try to match it up by eye. If you want to get more accurate results, you can use a program to make dragon age temporarily see-through, that way you can put the reference image from the mod page underneath and that way you can see the original sliders through the game so can line it up better. If you want to try that method, there‘s a tutorial on that here https://amp.reddit.c...duplicate_grid/ .

The mods you download separately, they aren’t included with the sliders (although if you have difficulty downloading them, mods aren’t strictly required to use sliders, your character just won‘t look exactly the same. )

All the mods that character uses are linked to in the description tab of the mod page for it, further down, see here https://www.nexusmod...tab=description .
Click the provided links then download the specified mods. Then you will need to install the dai mod manager from the dai tools suite https://www.nexusmod...sition/mods/693 don‘t mind the abandoned in the name, it’s still functional it just says that because it’s not being updated anymore.

You can follow this tutorial https://m.youtube.co...h?v=4YG0nLYO_3E on installing mods with the mod manager. You will need to use an extracting program like 7-zip to open the mods up with so the mod manager recognises them. https://www.7-zip.org7-Zip download link for 7zip here

And tutorial how to open up mods with 7-zip here https://helpdesk.it....acting-zip-file .

That should be all you need.

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