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Evil/Cursed sword

evil epic

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What I am think of is a one(or two, but preferably one) handed sword that gives decent buffs but drains your health as compensation. Buffs like

  • Increased damage
  • higher attack speed
  • Detect life (living things only preferably)
  • Regain health/stamina/magicka on kill
  • increased movement speed.
  • Bloodskaal blade effect
  • Poisoned


One thing that would make the mod better is the condition that the longer the blade is out, the stronger the effects become.

  • (first 10 seconds) Buffs work at 10% effectiveness. Drains 1 health per second
  • (10-20 seconds) Buffs work at 20% effectiveness. Drains 5 health per second
  • (20-30 seconds) Buffs work at 50% effectiveness. Drains 10 health per second
  • (30+ seconds) Buffs work at 100% effectiveness. drains 20 health per second

Here are a few Optional things that I wouldn't really complain if you didnt feel like adding. They would just make the mod that much better


  • Debuffs for having the sword sheathed for too long (Screen getting darker with the notification "The blade hungers for blood" or something like that followed with damaged stamina/magicka regen. kinda like the vampire hunger debuffs
  • Cool effects when sheathing/unsheathing the sword. Like the screen goes darker for a second. Scabbard glowing. Sound effects.
  • Some little voice acting. (Nothing major. just like when the sword is unsheathed it says something. Something like "The darkness" in the Darkness games. Lines like "I FEED" or "I NEED BLOOD" when unsheathed and "The hunger remains" or "I'm Sated..... For now (maybe a evil laugh here)" when sheathed. These 2 to 4 lines could make the mod all the more ominous. Giving the blade a demonic vibe to it.
  • (This one I doubt anyone could do but if you can that would be amazing) The sword transforming on unsheathing. Looking like a darker dragon great-sword( downsized to look like a one handed sword.)  when sheathed Then transforming into a thicker darker blade with a eye on the hand-guard. Similar looking to Miraak's sword.
  • Blade punishing you for having it out for no reason. Such as If you unsheathe it then re-sheathe it without killing anything the screen will go black and you take 50 damage

If you dont want to do the transforming design I have another Idea for a look of it in my head.

For a handle It will have the top part of the Wabbajack. The 3 different faces I mean. The actual handle can be anything but this would be just above the crossguard. Inside the mouths of the wabbajack faces are eyes(you can just take the ones from the Miraak sword). The blade is a dark red. Kinda like the bloodskaal blade. for the actual blade type Im thinking a downsized dragon bone greatsword. For a scabbard Im thinking something that looks like The Dagon's Razor sheath. Instead of a conjuration symble there would just be a Eye



I know that's asking for a lot and I doubt it will be possible to get all of this in one mod. However just Imagine how epic this would be for ANY evil type character.  




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I believe the mod you are looking for is A Sword Accursed, found here: http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/58611/?




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A shame it's a two handed weapon instead of one :(



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There is a one-handed version of it: https://www.nexusmod...yrim/mods/87247

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: evil, epic

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