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Skyrim - Guide about Biped slots and the Priority

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I've been testing about the Priority in Addon Biped Slots. I don't know if anyone has ever posted anything about this but there doesn't seem to be a guide or I cannot figure out the correct keywords to search for. The details of the Priority isn't included in the http://wiki.tesnexus.com/


Addon/Armor Biped Slots

Every BSDismemberInstance on the nif file should be checked in with the Addon Slots else only that specific node will disappear.

At least one of the Slots in Addon and Armor should be the same else the Addon will disappear but you can still equip the Armor.

That means an Addon with 32 and 34 slots only need its Armor to have either 32 or 34.

Also applies if two separate (32 and 34)Addons are combined into one Armor.



On the Creationkit.com, it says the Priority is used to determine the order of the Add-on.

Addon that has a 44 slot and 10 priority will over-ride any Addon with a 44 slot and a 5 Priority.

The 0 Priority is commonly used by the Characters Body which is commonly at 32 Addon.

Priority seems to work best on an interval of 5.

Addons with the same priority, will be either determined by last equipped, freak out or maybe crash the game.


Addon and the Priority

Armor override Armor based on which was equipped last. Addon overrides Addon based on its Priority.



A 32 Armor with 3 Addons.

-- A 32 Body Addon, 34 Forearm Addon and a 33 Hand Addon. Priority of 5,  5, and 10 respectively.


A 34 Armor with 2 Addons.

-- A 34 Forearm Addon and a 33 Hand Addon. Priority of 10 and 5 respectively.


A 33 Armor with 1 Addon.

-- A 34 Forearm, 33 Hand, and a 37 Feet Addon. Priority of 15.


A 36 Armor with 1 Addon.

-- A 36 and 37 Feet Addon Priority of 20.


A 34 Armor with 2 Addons.

-- A 34 Forearm Addon and a 33 Hand Addon. Priority of 20 all.


Order of Equipment:

The 34 Armor will override only the 34 Addon of the 32 Armor.

The 35 Armor will override all of the Addons of the 34 Armor and even if all its Addons are overriden the 34 Armor will still remain equipped, then only leave the 32 Body Addon of the 32 Armor.

The 36 Armor will override the one Addon of 33 Armor then the Addons of 32 and 34 Armor will appear again.

The second 34 Armor will un-equip the first 34 Armor and override the 33 Hand Addon of the 32 Armor.



This means you can basically have 10 Armors with its Addons overriding each other. Will sound confusing at first but you just need to plan for it.


Now why would I need to do all that work? If you dislike clipping or just want variety, you will need to do just that.


Hope this helps.



Sometimes at the start of the game, the priority will fail. Simply save then load that save.



Made a mistake.

Another mistake, Its really confusing, or I just suck at making a guide.

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Could you please clarify which armor in your example is the "35 Armor"?  I see armor with slots taking up 32, 33, 36, and "2" 34s... I am guessing that one of the 34s should be 35?




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"Sometimes at the start of the game, the priority will fail. Simply save then load that save."


I can confirm this.

I had a:

 - armor TORSO with AA with slots 32-body, 34-foreamrs, 38-calves (default)

    (naked forearms and legs with torso covering)

 - armor LONGBOOTS with 2 AA: one 37-feet and one 38-calves

    (covering feet, calves and even tight)


Now obviously the 2 armor's AA overlaps at 38-calves

TORSO's AA has priority 5

LONGBOOTS's both AA has priority 10.


For the legs, sometimes the TORSO was shown (wrongly: naked legs) sometimes the LONGBOOTS (:rightly: covering calves)


Separately they were ok.


Whats more interesting is that the error state depends on the save file.Meaning:


If the priority handling is wrong, a quicksave - reload will make the priority handling ok. Then do a quicksave - reload again and the priority handling is wrong again. And you can do this infinitely flipping the behavior: each second quicksave - reload will result in the same behavior... If you just load without a quicksaves then no change in behavior.

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