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Pre-built / Shareable Settlements

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There are going to be times where someone will spend 10 hours building in Sanctuary, get sick of it, and then not want to put any time into settlements for the rest of the game. Or they might finish the game and restart, but lose all the awesome settlements they built and be annoyed that they can't just copy their work over. And some people just don't like building settlements at all because they're horrible at it.


But the thing is, settlements are important because that's where you grow all the plants to turn into vegetable starch/adhesive for weapon mods, and where you produce tons of purified water to use in trades. You've got to put some time into it even if you hate every second of it.


So it would be great if there was a mod that allowed people to quickly choose a pre-built settlement for each place Preston sends them. A similar solution would be a mod that saves your settlement build into a file that the player can access later from the mod's menu as what they want to auto-build, and that can be shared through places like Nexus for other players to look at, appreciate, and use in their games.


Here's how it would work:


If a player wants to use a pre-built settlement, they would still need all the resources and requirements used to build it in the first place. All the wood, steel, plants, screws, gears, concrete, etc. Includes a mounted brahmin head? You need brahmin skulls in the workshop/player inventory. Settlement contains an industrial water purifier? You need the rank 1 Science! perk. And so on.


When building a pre-built, all the scrap and workshop items currently existing in that settlement would count towards the required amounts of materials. All yellow highlight scrap is scrapped into its bits, all the green highlight stuff would be added to the workshop without scrapping. (It doesn't make sense to scrap a bookcase and lose half the materials, only to build a new bookcase as part of the pre-built.)


Also, as an example, if you're in Sanctuary and Rusty Car #6 exists in the pre-built, then RC#6 is not scrapped during the process. If the player has already scrapped RC#6 before selecting the pre-built, then the amount of scrap the player got from RC#6 is added to the total materials required for the pre-built in order to 'restore' RC#6. And so on for the houses, mailbox, junk in each settlement.


Each settlement should have it's own separate file so that you're not trying to slap a pre-built onto all 30 settlement locations at once. That would take an astronomical amount of scrap, and it would also make it harder to share individual settlements if someone has just focused on building at one location, but not any of the others.


It'd also help if there were an "auto-scrap" button so players could walk into a settlement they don't want to build at right now, scrap everything, then immediately walk back to a different settlement they're focusing on building with that loot in order to quickly get the scrap they need rather than wandering around for 20 minutes and rubbing their face on every tree to see if they can scrap it.

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As someone who sucks at settlement building and hates every minute I'm forced to do it... I love this idea and have been looking for a mod just like this :/




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If anything I want the insta scrap all feature that you mentioned. Plus to be able to transfer settlement builds like that would be super nice, I've spent 6+ hours working on starlight drive in, making it a huge fortress with all the bells and whistles. 

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