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Crafting Shopping List

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The Crafting Shopping List.


Core idea:

-A layer of GUI that enables players to plan what they will need and what they should be looking for while acquiring crafting materials.


How would it work?

-A new menu in the inventory would be called "Shopping list" (or whatever).

-In this space, players would view everything they have the skill necessary to craft.

-From this space, they could select a list of things they are planning on crafting.


-As this happens, the mod would look up the inventory of the player for all of the materials necessary to craft these things, and "place them aside", to ensure that players don't accidentally consume these materials while working on other things.


-Anything that the player does not have in their inventory for crafting the things in their plans, a new layer of GUI would appear whenever the players are shopping, or opening containers.  This would be an extra icon that shines, or otherwise grabs attention, that informs the players that this item they are looking at is necessary to fullfill their shopping list's needs.


Expansion ideas

-The same sort of extra icon next to items could also be used to inform players on the topic of enchanting, whenever they stumble upon an item whose enchantment they have yet to learn.


-Once the shopping list has been satisfied, it could be as simple as reaching a crafting location, and click on a button that automatically queues up the crafting of everything in the list, without needing to navigate through a bunch of menus and risking accidentally crafting the wrong thing.


-Part of the shopping list could also be included the materials to improve weapons and armors, so that once they are crafted, they can be improved with a planned supply of materials.




I am very sorry to propose this idea without being able to actually accomplish it myself.  I lack the programming skills to even begin fathoming the actual implications, and my work schedule does not allow me the flexibility to sit down and spend the potentially hundreds of hours learning how to do all this.


I have done due diligence, checked out as many mods as I could with as many relevant keywords as I could, I have not located this sort of feature.  If someone has already done this, please inform me.  No need to be rude about it, there's only so much keywords searching one can do when the verb they are using to describe the task is essentially made up.


If this mod actually gets made, I ask only for my name somewhere buried deep in the fine print nobody ever reads.  To ask for anything more is unfair to the people actually making the mod.


Thank you for your time!



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