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weird character skin flickering

character skin flickers save file rigged xp32 skeleton cbbe texture glitch

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Hello Guys,


I got some kind of graphical issue I guess, which, I think, is based on my "harsh" removement of my mods. But now concerning my problem, the issue is, I was about to get rid of some mods, so I ran my Manager(using NMM) and just deinstalled all mods, which kinda f***ed up my save, I realised that after I tried to load and the game crashed. But I got it running, reinstalling all mods and then deinstalling them bit by bit, now its running and you could call it vanilla if you want. But the actual problem occured after the reinstalling of all my mods. I undressed my armor and realised that my skin is flickering and my character is bald, no hair. Its just on my character, nothing else.


Now the stuff Ive already done:


- making my game full vanilla again(reinstalled the whole game after I carefully deinstalled the mods)(I've got Dawnguard and Dragonborn installed)),

- reinstalled my graphics driver and install the newest version and

- I ran a tool which removes useless and bugged items/scripts or something(got a backup of my save before that)


But yea, its still like that, heres a picture




Now to some more information, I dont know if it helps but:


The mods I've used:


Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch






Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2


Fantasy Soundtrack Project


Wet and Cold


Realistic Water Two


Real Clouds


Populated Cities


Dawnguard Armor Expanded


Civil War Aftermath


Cloaks of Skyrim


And some body/skeleton changing things:


Illustrious HDT Cloaks


HDT Physics Extension




Aesthetic Bolt Quiver


Realistic Rag Dolls and Force


NetImmersive Override


Fores New Idles




And concerning my PC:


win 10 64bit

i7 4790k

amd r9 280x

8gb ram

skyrim is installed on a hdd drive


-enough to run this game and until that no problems at all with my mods.


In addition:


Im using the Anti Aliasing and Antisotropic Filtering which is provided by the game and I turned off the AMD stuff.


Yup, thats everything important I think, if anything in addition is needed just ask















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Edit: Dont mind anymore guys, managed to rebuild my whole save w/out bugs using the console, damn that was a good piece of work

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