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Raiders continue to fight after losing a limb - Med-X

med-x raiders fight limbs dismember dismemberment drugs

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Ok I will do my best to lay out the idea.
Core features will be the some NPCs, or just raiders, will be able to take Med-X,

but instead of increased DT, they are capable of surviving a lost limb.

I would say this applicable, because of how Raiders are generally prior soldiers/mercenaries,
to Junkies addicted to chems. Both people, (as a general idea) could be susceptible to chems,
such as Med-X, due to it's numbing effects.
- NPC's (specific to raiders) Will be able to lose limbs and

  continue the fight, under the condition they take Med-X
- They can go into a beserker state if they have lost a limb
i.e. swapping from gun to melee weapon, but can still shoot.
- It will be off chance and possibly choice of weapon, with certain status effects
i.e. Physical bullets, pellets, or explosions, will create a bleeding effect from a ripped arm,

      while lasers will have a much lessen bleeding effect, due to cauterized wound.

Some pros and cons

+ Humans will appear properly and severely crippled
+ Variation between weapons of choice, being Physical and Laser, a ripped and cauterized wound
+ Drug addict raiders will be as crazy as they should be, without the need of extra DT
+ Makes crippled enemies either properly incapacitated, crippled or disarmed: D
+ Entertainment of a armless raider, angry at you for shooting their arm off, trying to be the black knight
~ Maybe be applied to super mutants?

(these are subjective to opinion as well)
- Weapons with increased crippling damage, could break, and make this over powered
- Weapons, such as High dmg pistols, that cripple within 2-5 shots, can seem unrealistic
- Low level enemies can be crippled within the first few shots
- It could potentially make certain places, with high lever enemies, even tougher to kill.

- If it can actually be done at the time of this post. Yay the creation kit!
Other things
> Maybe the condition, can be applied to super mutants

> Placed under specific conditions, such as NPC must take Med-X, to not fall unconscious

   due to shock. Or it could be a general game feature, but it wouldn't be realistic.

> It could be applied to specific enemies, or just to everyone. Although it wouldn't be all that

   realistic if a bunch of BOS were taking Med-X.

> This would most certainly not be able to apply to people in Power suits, unless you were

   to make the arm just go ragdoll, and that, would be hilarious. 

I loved how you could shoot the limbs off of many enemies in this game, and I couldn't get

enough of it, but unfortunately I don't possess the skills to make a mod such as this, so I am

posting this to anyone who is-like minded and just want to hear that someone out there wants

it too, or if other people do too.
Thanks, also apologies if I don't reply. Why? because I'm just pitching this.


Because of the recent announcement of the Creation Kit, I figured it would be appropriate to try and bump it, to give anyone who would like this, a try.

Also feel free to Post opinions on this, and if you have any Lore related guidance, or real world facts, with reference, it would probably help shape this concept better.

Thanks =)

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Bumping because of recent Creation Kit announce

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