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USLEEP post-Civil War military camps respawns

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It doesn't look like I will be getting a reply from the moderators of USLEEP so I post here hoping to get some solutions.


First of all, I really do like the unofficial patches and appreciate the creators for the boat load of the bugs/glitches that they have fixed.

I've started using USKP and other unofficial patches for DLCs not very long ago and recently changed to USLEEP.

I know for the fact that in vanilla Skyrim, that the post-Civil War camps do not respawn the garrison of the either sides of the war after they have been cleared out. (The ones that are scattered around the nine holds; e.g. Winterhold Stormcloak camp, Rift Stormcloak camp etc.)

After I've started using the unofficial patches, I've noticed that after spending a few days in game, garrison in the military camps started to respawn. (Without their leaders of course, who were made non-essential in the unofficial patches after finishing off the Civil War questline)

The camps were completely cleared of the soldiers including the wounded and horses but they just kept on respawning after waiting a few days like any other common bandit occupied places would.


I've scrolled through the USLEEP changelogs but I haven't found anything that makes change on that matter and I don't know if the change was made deliberately or just a bug/glitch.


So, the question is, is there anyway I can disable the garrison respawn in the military camps that have been cleared out after finishing the Civil War questline?

If there's anyone who knows how to, I would be happy to make the changes myself to my own game.

Thanks in advance

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