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Haunted by useless Preston

bugged preston

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While is was retaking the castle, the mission bugged out and had to use console commands to progress it (all AI at the Castle were still under attack from an either an unknown entity or a BoS vertibird barely within the visible range of the Castle). Rather than getting the Preston will no longer follow problem, i got the much worse opposite. For about 2 hours after, Preston would follow me regardless of me having another companion or telling him to go home. After i got fed up with him for ruining any opportunity for stealth, i disabled him. Which is where i dun goofed. I completed Old Guns without him and I can console command the radiant quests but the problem I have come up with is that regardless of him being enabled or disabled, he counts for my population at Sanctuary Hills. Which is not too much of a problem but I think he has actually bugged out and is haunting the area and wont allow new settlers to arrive (unless I send them from other settlements), but this includes legendary vendors as well. I have enabled him and just to wail on him for the trouble he is and I end up almost killing Sturges who is behind him. Turns out he is an actual ghost now and I cant even hit him. He is a solid person when i try to walk through him but bullets, lasers, etc. just phase through him. I cant affect him with C.U.T.E. Rudeness perk or Explosive Venting from power armor either. I cant speak with him, but everytime i get close enough he will ask if i have a minute for his maximum affection speech but it wont happen. If i do interact with him he will just repeat phrases but never enter dialogue. He also doesnt really walk around, he just sorta teleports. Quest markers also dont point to him, they float in the air in the middle of Sanctuary.


TL;DR Spooky ghost Preston is ruining my Sanctuary and is somehow being even less useful then before.

So I ask, what can I possibly do to remedy this? 

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