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Warhammer Chaos (Tzeentch?) armor?

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So I've always had this itch to play a Warhammer-inspired Chaos warrior, but unfortunately there is no armor that really fulfills this niche.  There's plenty of nordic armor mods out there, and some retextured falmer armor doesn't look bad at all, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to tackle an actual Chaos armor set, preferably after Tzeentch considering he seems to fit the sort of esoteric-too-abominable-to-fathom-it'll-break-your-mind aesthetic that I imagine an evil Nord would lean toward.  Some good inspiration from one of my most missed games, Warhammer Online, of both a Marauder and Chosen, both of which I think would be incredible in-game.


The Marauder with a more barbaric aesthetic (and yes, I love the oversized helm - it screams I'LL RIP YOU APART WEAKLING in my mind):





And the Chosen, a more Dark Knight type of evil:



If anyone were interested in doing either of these I would be ecstatic.  If not, then thanks for reading anyways!  


EDIT:  And while I think about it, I've heard rumors that someone attempted to port armors from WHO into Skyrim... if there is a method for doing this, or if someone could point me in the right direction on where to go to learn how to do this, I would definitely give it a go myself.  I figure if the models could be ported over then perhaps all they would need is some higher res texture work.

Additionally, if anyone is interested, I find the Sword of the One-Eyed Crow mod to be an excellent sword for the type of character I want to make.  Definitely worth a download, and many thanks to mod author Gechbal for this amazing work. <-----> http://www.nexusmods.../?id=3072&pUp=1

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