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MOD Request: Gifts to add affinity w/ companions

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I would really enjoy a MOD that adds some items to the game, a few items that could be purchased at a select few spots, maybe Fallons Basement, or in rare places in the wilds of the Wasteland; items that can add affinity to certain companions.


I was thinking maybe:


Bouquet of flowers, good to give to Piper, Synth Curie.......... maybeeee...even Cait.


Box of candies, good to give to Piper Synth Curie, Cait, , maybe even Strong hehe. ( "Strong like milk chocolate of human kindness yumm" )


Inscribed locket, good for Piper, Synth Curie, Cait, Preston, ... maybe Macready.


Pair of snazzy boots, good for Piper, Synth Curie, Cait, Preston, Danse, Macready.


Pair of Snazzy Sunglasses; good for Piper, Synth Curie, Cait, Preston, Danse, Macready


Metal Polish, good for Handy Curie, Codsworth, and Danse (since he is always in PA)


Initialed gold tone flip lighter, for Piper, Cait, maybe Macready


Snazzy lingerie; good for Piper, Synth Curie, Cait,


Shoulder Holster; good for Nick Valentine, Cait, Macready, X6-88


Gun Cleaning kit; good for Preston, Nick Valentine, Danse, Macready, and Strong.


Adorable Kitten, good for Piper, Synth Curie, maybe Codsworth.


Stuffed Animal (maybe just 'Adorable Teddy Bear'), good for Piper, Synth Curie, Cait,


Thats just some ideas.  The items wouldn't actually have to be usable in-game, but be able to be transferred from the Sole Survivor inventory to a Companions' inventory and receive a small (even tiny, like 0.5 %) affinity bonus.


If a MODDER got really intense with it, then receiving a 'Thank you' from the Companion would be immersive and great.  Also maxing out the number of times that a gift gives affinity bonuses would be needed.  Maybe  a max of getting the affinity bonus from gifts to be set at 3 times per gift, and a max of 8 bonuses overall from any combination of appropriate gifts.


Is this worthy of someone building a MOD for it?



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Screw it, let's just turn all the companions into self-contained dating sims.

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