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Dragon Hunting Group of Mercenaries (Expendable)

dragon npc mercenary

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A mod that adds a group of npc's in tavern's, inns, et c, that are waiting to be called out to hunt a dragon with you.


Not just the cliche follower mod or mercenaries. The emphasis is in the GROUP of mercenaries. 

Like when you hire them, you don't only get one person, you get a whole squad ready to hunt dragons with you.

A simple group of brave men, or say dragon vigilantes ready to assist the dragonborn in purging the land of dragons.
They don't have to be extra strong; basically some hired help, that could take some hits for you as you take down the dragon,

some low or mid level mercenaries for hire as a group.


Another way would be to make them battle like the way the civil war missions do it, where they'll merely rendezvous with you to a certain location

and are allied to you, not necessarily followers, and walkthrough with you till you achieve the mission objectives(slay the dragon).



The lore somehow says that the dragon cannot be killed by mere mortal men, only the dragonborn can stop the dragon's soul from reincarnating.

That doesn't mean he has to do everything alone.


Remember how when you showcase your dragon shouts in public or in guilds, sooner or later, you receive an anonymous tip via courier, of a
certain source of power/dragon roost. Why not transfer that feature, to this group of mercenaries per city, and have optional dialogue lines like:

"Dragonborn, travellers have sighted a dragoon nesting over <insert dragon lair name>, we'd like to help."

re: "Let's go."                                                                        or: "Not Now."

re2: "We'll meet you at the foot of the mountain."                or: "Fine. We'll be right here if you need us."

then, the miscellaneous quest would activate.

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