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My Fallout works

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Before I really join the thread

My name is Alex and, besides being an English teacher, interpreter and translator, I am a sci-fi writer, my favorite choice being the genre of post-nuclear.
Some of the works I am going to offer here for reading are years old, other are written a fortnight ago...

My works tell the tales of lost love and the fellow humans who found themselves in a Fallout-style combat situation, etc.

Various places on planet Earth about to face, facing, or that already faced, the nuclear war.
Fallout 3 gameworld.
Space around Earth

Hope you enjoy




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To you, I am loving so much,
To you - I'll really miss your touch,
My greatest love of all times,
My only one,
The one and only - you,
To you I'd like to give this rose that I'm holding now, if I'd just now how.
But you're not here...
And this ain't no rose, but an AK,
All around, the tanks 're clanking,
The war song sung once again,
By the living corpses marching - again.
The world's dying, howling in pain,
Skies are dark, filled with fighters and choppers, ferrying their crews to hell. Gloomy shadows,
Roaming the meadows.
At the seas, the warships 're sailing,
Their crews failing,
Dropping down one by one - to Davy Jones.
The time has come, to join.
Cla-clank, the weapon is ready,
Salute to a five-stars devil,
Report for duty,
Heart beating faster.
One last look over my shoulder.
No one to see,
No one to say goodbye to,
No one to give the morrowrose of tomorrow,
The morrowrose of tomorrow that never came.
Just one last goodbye to the world that died today,
On the last day of the year.
No use to say that it didn't happen, as it did.
The time will come soon to go to you,
To change this stinking military rags,
And to throw away this piece of junk called AK.
And If I get lucky, maybe I'll find
a Morrowrose purple-red,
to give to you before I kiss you,
this time for real.

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To Love, the Lost

Long time ago ended the times, when you were.
I know that you will never be here again.
Lost love, so precious you were.
Lost in the atomic flash and under the tanks tracks,
Lost in the stupid quarrels,
Lost in the taverns,
Lost forever, ne'er to return...
These're not the times, nor the place...
For us to hold each other, face to face.
Know that I'll ne'er forget you, Precious one,
As this world ne'er was the place
For us to meet so, as we wanted to.
This world is just not the place,
With all its wars, fighting, envy, human stupidity...
But maybe... Maybe your shadow will come to be?
So, what happens next?
Hell if I know.



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"Eta... Come in, Eta... Eta, do you read me, over..? Eta..? ETA?!"
"Let it be, Corporal." I said, putting my hand on his shoulder. "Eta ain't gonna respond. Not anymore."
"But, Sir. They've gotta come in!!!"
"T'aint gonna 'appen, kiddo." I said again, calmly drawing on my cigarette and shedding some light on my unshaven face in the gloom. „Ya saw the nuke blast from our 10 o’clock? Huh, Corporal?“
„Yessir!“ he replied. A 20 year old kid, knowing one big nothing about the crap called War that hit the fan today.
And I’ma take care of him and everyone else around? No big deal... Since my wife and our kids died this mornin’, every kid around is my son or daughter. Gotto be that way...
„Well, that’s where our Eta was...?“ „Was, Sir..?“ „Yea... Was... You gotta face it, kiddo, now it’s just us. No more Eta, No more CO, no more Government, no more Country, no more Mom, no more Home...“
„Home..? Sir, I gotto help my mom!!“ „Where’s she livin’, son?“ „Springvale, Sir.“ „Springvale..? So close to DC...?“ „Yessir..!“ tears flooded over John’s face. „I gotto...“ „...stay – here – soldier!“ He stared at me in a mix of surprise and terror.
„Johnny...“ I offered him a cigarette, but he was kinda shy. „Have one, son. Now it doesn’t matter if ya smoke, kiddo. Listen...“ He took it. I lit for him with my zippo. „Noone is alive in Springvale anymore, kiddo.“ Johnny coughed on his cigarette, tears rivering out of his eyes. „Just inhaaaaale it... Yep, just like that.“ I patted him on his back. „Welcome to the life of a late 21th century warrior, kiddo. I have lost my old man in the war 17 years ago... AND my mom. Everyone... Then, somehow I got married and got my kids. But as of this mornin’ – I am a dowager, sonny. And a father to three dead 16 yrs old kids. Hope I’ma find their bones to burry them properly... some day, when the radiation in Lookout gets milder.“ It’s ain’t no easy to be a Sergeant these days, kiddo.“ He stared at me, smoking like hypnotized. „For the last 35 years, since I was some years younger than you, I am a soldier of this country. Military is my life. Stick with me, Johnny – and... Well, maybe we will live to see some better days.“ He nodded.
“This is the sitrep for now. Here, at SatCom 1, we are far away from DC - which is gone, all of it. Radiation is deadly all around and our supplies here can support us and our 3 men on patrol for the next month. ’Till then, the radiation’s gonna drop down to some survivable level for us to go out and see what we are to do next. We got food, water, ammo, cigs, guns... Hey, you learned how to use a Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle?“ „Yessir. And the glock plasma gun.“ Yea? Ya got some?“ He handed me a brand new Glock scoped plasma auto-pistol. „Oh, bless you, kiddo... Thought I’m stuck with my .45, as for the sidearm.“ „.45 1911 is a good gun, Sir...“ „Yea, maybe the best pistol a man ever devised – to kill another man. But ammo’s being hard to find, Johnny. The e-cells for laser and plasma guns can... erm, were to be found everywhere and we got a lot of ’em...
Suddenly, a thunderous explosion echoed and the floor underneath shook, making both od us fall on our asses. I reacted first, with my budo-reflex, rolling several times to take cover at the entrance, drawing both my Bowie knife and my .45, forgetting about my new Glock. Motionless, I was feeling the Existing around me, giving Johnny a sign to stay in cover and not to move at any cost. With a thunderous roar and violent howling, the shockwave swooped over our new home, making us grab a hold of something nearby.
„Whew...“ I holstered my weps. „This one’s not for us, Johnny-boy. This one was another nuke... For the Adams AFB. A powerful motherfracker. Would say it was a 5 MT. Must be a late response, or sumthin’.“
Suddenly, I remembered the guys on patrol and helped Johnny to get up.
„Kiddo, open that locker, take all the weapons you can carry and go downstairs to Level -10. Yes, exactly, down to the basement. This one was really close...“ I injected myself a Rad-X. „Ow, SOB, that hurts. I’ma take a look up to see if maybe our boys returned from that damned patrol. Shouldn’tve gone at the first place. The Captain went with them... That crazy sunumabitch ordered them... What an idiot. They’re all dead almost for sure.“
I turned towards him. „Ah, WTF. Let’s forget ranks. I’m Hazy.“ We shook our dirty hands. „Johnny, si... Erm, Hazy... And...“ „Huh?“ „Why Hazy..?“ „Oh, that... ’Cuz I’m like a haze, kiddo. Now you see me, now you don’t. OK, enough chit-chat. Grab the hardware and go down there. We’ll be seeing all kinds of stuff in the future, Johnny. Mutants, dead, skeletons, ruins... It’s gonna look a lot like the Terminator movies and that crazy documentary Threads. ’Ts gonna be rough, kiddo. U better forget about a great deal of your emotions, or they might as well kill you, got it? And forget about some easy friendships. Now, with all they ever knew gone, the survivors ’re gonna rip your head off for a scrap of food, a gun, a shelter... Even for a dirty sock. Remember that, kiddo. Remember and live. OK?“ „Hazy, where did ya learn all that?“ „It’s just logical, Johnny. Think a bit and you will understand. You gotta. OK, see you in a moment...“
I took my boots off and I went into the dark shaft. Clenching the knife with my teeth, silently and swiftly as a cat, I went up the ladder to the top level...
I had to secure the entrance door and set the traps and warning measures for Johhny and me... I knew that they ain’t gonna be commin’ back... No one survives the blast and radiation of a 5 MT nuke at this distance. Oh-oh, my Geiger’s ticking... Will need to be REALLY fast. and, if necessary – deadly. Heh – piece of cake – that’s what I do best... Unfortunately... Because I have to... It’s ain’t no easy to be a Sergeant these days...
It never was...

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Interesting, good! Like the way your writing starts. Kudos! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Interesting, good! Like the way your writing starts. Kudos! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Well, this is one of my typical works. Will continue the story about the Sgt. Hazy and Cpl. Johnny.



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Love all

Sincerely yours
Hazy (Yes, that's my nickname) But I'm just a guy like you and anyone else. This... This is just one of my novels.

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As Johnny the Corporal was making his way downwards, to the minus 10th level underground, time and again, weighted with our guns 'n ammo, his last and final NCCO (non-comissioned commanding officer) - myself - was making his own way upwards, into the radiation and God knows what. While my own stinking socks and knowledge of injected Rad-X were making me climb harder, my own mind was making me understand WHAT really happened, Bowie clenched with my bloodthirsty teeth.
"Our world is gone forever, Hazy," whispered her voice. "But I love you still. Wear your stripes, Sergeant Hazy. We'll meet again, my love, my soldier. I knew, when I married you - tomorrow you might be dead..."
"But now it’s you... Oh... Darling..?" Sweaty face, smoldering cigarette.... Just me, myself and I. The dark shaft was staring at me indifferently, reminding me on what I was to do... Helpless against the voices of the ghosts of everyone I ever had and almost sad to death, I was talking to them...
"Daddy, come play with me.." their voices whispered deep in my consciousness... „That's OK, kiddos. Go sleep. Daddy will be with you shortly... (Only if I could...)“
"OH, GOD!!! Allmighty... Let me do what I have to..." I mumbled, climbing the last final step.
Finally, I was there... At the 1. level. No one was there, but me, my ticking Geiger and some 10 minutes of safety. And my .45, my Bowie and my Glock PPK Plasma. Not to count the ominous presence of the dead, the eyeless skulls, of dead humanity staring at me...
„Jesus... Buddha... Amaterasu... Mohammad... Vishnu... SOMEONE. Please, help... Help me stay normal and conscious...“ I prayed, kneeling at the entrance to the lobby, now haunted, empty and deserted.
„Son...“ No, this is just too much... I felt my own self collapsing... „SON! Get da frack up, Hazy. Ya gotta go on!!!" *SLAP, SLAP, SLAAAP!!* „DADDY?!“ „No, my, grandma, you twit!“
My father was there. Sitting in the SatCom 1 CO’s armchair, his right on his .45...
The legendary Death Berets Colonel camo uniform, still smelling of the enemy blood, those green eyes glaring mercilessly under the black beret with the Death Berets' symbol, the ghastly grinning skull, knuckles marked with scars earned when killing enemies HTH... Yes, it was my old man himself. His pipe smoldering, HE got up and strode towards me.
„GET DA HELL UP, SON!!!!“ He grabbed me violently and propped me on my feet, a few mighty slaps following.
„My kid kneels before no one, but God... EVEN if he forgets you... Wanna cry? Go ahead and cry, son... Cry ’em all out, those tears, my beloved son.“ He held my head against his chest, his heart pounding so recogniseably. „The world’ s blown to crap, son.“ He cried. „But ya soldier, Hazy, my son. Re-frackin’-member, Sergeant! Until the planet exists – ya WARRIOR!!! LIVE!!!“
Daddy’s eyes were glaring at me so intensely, that I just had to look down onto my feet.
Hazy...," he whispered... Son... Get out there and save. Women, children, men... Save them, everyone you can... Strongly now, kiddo. More like you ARE out there. Seek for Boris. He is nearby. Will help you... May the Allmighty stay with you, my only child.“
„And when you die – I WILL be there and I will take you, my son, before Him and will tell Him, that you’ve served Him well... Now, go, my son...“
Amidst howling of nuclear wind, my head leaning against some 30 inches of reinforced concrete that divided us from the outside, I shook my father’s hand and fell on the floor, trembling with crying and relief... 5 mins later, I realized that I was securing the entrance, welding device in my right and protective mask in my left.
The door was heat-twisted and the shadows of the dead were mumbling to me all the time, but I am a soldie... a warrior, and I know my job.
Welding was complete.
OK, time to join the rats and check on Johnny...
As I went downstairs, the ghastly shadows cast once again their skeletal sight at my disappearing hands and at the fried radioactive wasteland outside. My uniform was the same as so many burned camo fatigues out there, but I stayed alive. There was a reason behind that... Then they vanished, leaving the haunted SatCom 1 alone,
As I was descending the ladder, I knew that' I'ma stay alive - NO MATTER HOW MUCH I WANTED TO BE DEAD. And I really did. There was a mission for me, bestowed upon my worthless body by my father's shadow - and you listen to yer old man after the nukes strike, ya just gotta. What kind of son you'd be, if you didn't?

Ladder after ladder, I felt the World becoming one - the dead and the living - the dead calling the living to join and - hearing the living refusing - I knew I needed Johnny, who was deep down under, ferrying guns and ammo.

Yea... It wouldn't be hard to die if ya got company to do so - but out here almost alone... It just ain't makin' any kind of sense. And besides, I had a mission to do.

Now, all that matters is if you are a human, or not. Nationality and other stuff? Bwahahaaaa, don't make me laugh. And don't make me cry either.
As I was walking through the dark corridor, my boots not echoing a single little bit - I AM a Budoka, after all - I held my right above my right shoulder, fingering my battle-katana, bestowed upon me by my now KIA Dad when I couldn't even lift it - on my 10th birthday.
My old man was always a Death Berets officer - no mercy, no prisoners, no retreat, NO regret, most dangerous missions, into anything, anytime, anywhere. Able to blend into almost anything, they were the masters of any weapon you can imagine and soldiers beyond anything known to guys like me - paratrooper commando grunts. Few people even knew of the Berets. Dad was one of few to be married and have a son - me. I was always everything to him and he did train me in everything he knew - under one condition - never join the Berets, or to stop using his name. Was one hell of a father... 17 years ago, he and his company went to a mission on the enemy mainland. A suicide mission... On voluntary basis... They've blown up something very big and very important, cuz the enemy hadn't any spare electronic for ages after that. They've lost the decisive battle, t' goes withotta sayin'. Upon being given thanks for taking the job by his CO, he replied that he does that for his kid and no, there ain't no way around - it's gotto be his way. His eyes just didn't know of a "no" answer...
The captured enemy I was interrogating once, upon hearing who was my old man, blurted out everything he knew - yes, including the dad's mission. The company of Berets was fighting an entire city, or so I've understood, for hours, mercilessly gutting any armed oponent in their path, their "Hoka Hey" being their last words. The building in which my old man was KIA that day was simply full of enemies with no heads, arms ... other body parts. After runnin' otta ammo, dad was ripping his enemies like a demon. His knowledge of the Art was legendary and he was able to bash apart a brick with his bare hand. An enemy's skull was like an eggshell for him. The enemy said, that my old man even ripped one's head off and thew it at another one, killing him with it.
His men obeyed to him completely and their trust to him was endless. If he promised kill - there was kill, if he promised women - they would go to a bordello, and when he promised them death, they all went a step forward: "Following you to Valhalla we will, SIR!" " Then may their guts be our red carpet, Berets!" echoed his voice, like a striking thunder. "Atten-SHUN!!! About FACE!!! Forwaaard MARCH!!! MAY THE HELL TREMBLE BEFORE US!!! " He yelled and went with his men, knowing that no one will see them alive again. As if they gave hell for that...
Too bad no more such warriors were around now.
I just couldn't shake away from me that grinning skeleton, the Death, swooping its reaper in the horrendous blaze of annihilation. I just knew that my career of a military man is just beginning, in a way. Ah, yes... I will be to face what noone ever faced. Just... WHAT in Hell 'ts gonna be? Cold Katana handle, however, was smelling of victory.
What frackin' victory? We all lost. No winner. The weapons just became too dangerous - everyone could understand that after Hiroshima. But no, we just had to blow our butts up... Idiots... God's gonna squash every last madafrackin' one of us like a lice for this...
Suddenly, I tripped over a bulge and my Katana bonked me on the back of my head. "Yea, whatever." i grunted, tripped again and got BONK-ed again. "OK, OK... No prob. Sorry..." Siiigh. Thank You, Dad, for not abandoning me..."

Dark thoughts are one thing, and reality is something else - Johnny had a surprise for me... He heard from - Boris. That crazy SOB is frackin' alive! OH, boyohboyohboy. And he's in Fort Constantine - practicly a spittin' distance from us.

"Woe, woe to those who dwell on Earth."
"And the men will seek death and death will run from them."

The Revelation, Bible

"And there will be so few men, that the women will seek the trees to embrace..."
Cannot remember the source.

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Ave, Bellum, morituri te salutant.
Vale, Amor, morituri tibi non vis.

(Hal to you, War, those who are about to die salute you.
Good-bye, Love, those who are about to die do not want you)

Once you dismiss Love, it'll cry and away it'll flee.
Try that with the War - and you will see,
coming back and back and ever forever back again,
the War will be there for you,'till the Death is yer final gain,
Innit beautiful?
So horrible and painful,
its Majesty, the War?
Forever there - always and for anyone and everyone,
Till alive is not a single one.
Skeletons and Ravens,
Destroyed all the safe havens,
Children clutching their mothers' dresses,
Skeletal hand's caresses,
Behold and enjoy...
MAN! Your choice, our future,

Good bye, Cannae, *
Good bye, Stalingrad, **
Good bye, Humankind.

Life bids thee vale, 'till you meet again,
on the yonder side of the Existing,
where the red-eyed shadows roam the meadows of scorched black grass,
stepping over skulls,
while a baby cries in the distance...
There, where no one dares... We will meet... Again, Human. Count on that...
You always do, dontcha?

Yours truly,

* Carthage VS Romans - an utter defeat for SPQR.
** Stalingrad The name to remember... Most likely the biggest and most ruthless battle of all time. The decisive battle of WW2 and the end of Wehrmacht's prevalence. The captured German soldiers were sent to Soviet work camps, where the majority of them died. The survivors were sent back home in early '50s.

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I wish to thank you all for reading my works.
Story to be continued soon.

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