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New Nexus site design and future

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I DON'T LIKE IT. Posted Image

Just kidding. I can't imagine why someone would get upset about this change, it sounds and looks good to me. I had a look around the test site and I totally dig it. Posted Image



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It doesn't feel right. Maybe when it's finished, I'll like it, but right now I'm not so sure about it.

I can see the improvements made to the site, it's just the sudden change that puts me off.

Edit: I'm just wondering, are the forums staying the same or are they being changed too?

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the test site has a great navigation, i only hope we can have the choice for different backgrounds :)
the orange is little to strong for me :)




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I like the design and layout seems very easy to use, The only problem i have is with the text colour and background, I dont know about others but looking at is making my eyes feel werid and water and is causing pain, I think just darkening one of colours either the text or background would help greatly

Also the site reminds me of pcpowerplay strangly

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I just had a thought.
Have an Opacity slider for the orange?
That or just add a little bit of Opacity to it :)

That's why it might be a little overpowering for some.

Just a quick suggestion. It's fine to me. I love a bit of colour!



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Love the new layout :wub:
Also, did that nexuswiki exist earlier? If it did I guess that speaks well against the new layout, because I have somehow managed to miss that one completely through my years here on the nexus :psyduck:

A few (very small) things that I think should be changed:
1)I see that this template is made for tesnexus specifically. I assume that the same layout will be made for falloutnexus, dragonagenexus and so on, but I think that you should add a small pic to the right of the sitename in the upper right corner (like it actually is in the current layout). To make it fit with the rest of the clean, slick look of the site you could use the akatosh symbol for tesnexus, the blood dragon symbol for dragonagenexus, that blonde boy whose name I don't remember ;D for falloutnexus and that wolf symbol for the witchernexus.

2) In the comments field I think the avatar pics are a bit too small. Is it possible to increase the size so it's as wide as the square it's placed in? And yes, the size matters! 8)

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O U T S T A N D I N G ! ! ! ! ! !



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It's excellent but I have a few problems..

1. THe logos look odd. I like the current ones; they're much more representative of the site. Ignore if that's temporary.
2. The colorscheme is different.. Once again, me hating on change, but the old one really was fine and had no functionality aside from aesthetics. Right now my major problem is the text that's actually on the orange/yellow is in white, which hurts my eyes to try to read. The dull orange was easier on the eyes.
3. The staticy background just messes with my eyes, especially when scrolling. Should be a solid color or something.
4. Unless it's just put up for a temporary show, the different pages (35) on the hot files list all show the same 5 files.
5. The links at the bottom look messy compared to the rest of the streamlined page. They should be in a drop-down form same as at the top.
6. The news section is too long and just lengthens the homepages. Maybe 3 articles max, and only the first few parts of them would shorten it.

This is all from my own perspective, so ignore these if you want.

Now for my own little nitpickeries of it:

Right when the page loads before you move your mouse a pile of links shows up in the upper-right hand corner for me. Is that normal?
The power icon on the logout button looks out of place.
The border along the lower edge of the news posts look weird. There doesn't need to be two borders for one separation.
The stripes look very odd.. Just out of place, really. Although 'out of place' is a phrase I'll use a lot when the site is unfamiliar.
The title for the site is 'nexus homepage' in lowercase. I'm almost sure that's temporary, but I wanted to be certain..




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Its the same layout what I actually thinking of updated Nexus Site :laugh:
Its Very Fast! Very Very Optimized! My Speed is 7kbps(haha) and the image section page opened in 6sec! Very Nice :thumbsup:
Very Good use of the yellow color(My eyes wide open when I see the main page)
I dont have problem with colors (decreased monitor brightness/contrast)
Really like the image section(hehehe my dreams come true :dance:
Dont like the Logos,Main logo looking like "whirlpool"
A "Medieval logo" will match with Skyrim (and of course The Elder Scrolls :teehee:
Very Well Done :thumbsup:

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Just had a look by following the links you posted. Looks quite nice actually. The look does take some getting used to but "under the hood" you can definitely notice the improvements.
The "hot files" section also looks and feels much better then the old one.
Same goes for the individual file pages and the image share.

The only thing that still seems a tad bit unclear are the file tags. I personally preferred the old system where pending and confirmed tags each had their separate "section", but maybe that just takes some getting used to. After all, the old system where the many possible tags were arranged under each other wasn't exactly perfect either.

Overall the look seems much more futuristic and clearer. I think this should be especially helpful to newbies trying to find their way on the various nexus sites. Looking forward to it. :thumbsup:

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