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New Nexus site design and future

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Very nice design.
There are just two things about it:

- The orange (i prefer the old one)
- The "wasted" space at the left and right. I know you wrote about the problems with a good scaling but I liked the old "fullscreen" design on my 1920x1080 display and it looked good on my smartphone, too. So I don't see the reason to change this.

the old design of the buttons was better, too (orange only on active page and mouse-over)

Still a nice work anyway :)

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The orange I don't like, but other than that I think it looks very good.

After staring about it for a bit, I take it back. The orange looks nice... It just takes a bit to get used to (which is why I was staring at it :P).




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Joking, it's actually pretty awesome. Unlike a few different people have said, I actually like the orange :P



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Oh dear. I'm *not* a fan of the new layout. I'm having flashbacks of the disastrous changes that happened over at Digg with their transition from v3 to v4. I'm just going to give my list of Pros and Cons with my reasons why i have labeled it as such. I'll start with the Cons.

1. Overall "smartphone-esque" design: It comes off as very generic and uninspired.

2. TESNexus Logo: I understand what the design of the converging arrows means (hint: Nexus) but, again, it's very generic. Also, there's nothing "elder scrolls" about the style of font you used for "tesnexus". Maybe i'm just used to the distressed font you've been using.

3. Compressed page layout: Harkening back to what i said about Digg, they used to have a full page layout like the current Nexus but then switched to the "facebook/everything is in the center" layout. It was a bad move and complete waste of space. I know you said this is being looked into if i remember correctly so i am crossing my fingers that you change it.

4. Capsule style navigation buttons: Personal style choice, I think capsule style buttons look very generic and cheap. That said... It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't all lit up at once. I liked how the original buttons would light up on rollover.

5. All the green buttons: I'm not exactly sure why there is a "download" button when you can just go down to the "files" button; kinda redundant IMO. I think the endorsement and FOTM voting button should be put down with the other file buttons. The old icons of a checkmark and thumb can be restyled to fit into the new icon scheme i'm sure. As an aside, am i missing something or is there no way to down-vote a file? I only see an "endorse me" button. That's not necessarily a bad thing as there are some people who down-vote files for really BS reasons. I hate to keep bringing up Digg but that was another major misstep when they changed formats. They took away the ability to down-vote stories (aka: burying) and it caused quite an uproar.

6. Lack of color in icons: The icons in the "actions" section and for "files, comments, discussions" etc. need color back. This is a minor nitpick of mine but more color would be nice and not just orange highlights.

That's it for the cons... for now. :P

1. The Images section is pretty nice now. A lot cleaner. I also like that there's a top 5 images sidebar. Perhaps you could expand it to 10 or higher?

2. I absolutely love that there's now a "more from uploader" section. It was annoying navigating through to find it the old way. Can't wait for this.

3. I like how downloadable files are now in list format and not cubes. I'm hoping this can cut down on some of the clutter and confusion that some mods with MANY separate files create.

I'm sorry if some of my critiques came off as petty or harsh but i'm just speaking my mind. I've seen more than a few good sites go down after major redesigns. It just worries me when sites go through these "i want to look like everyone else" moments. They end up losing that something special about them and just become another "me too" generic site. Hopefully this will end up being a good transition though, i have faith. Either way, if you leave the new design exactly as it is now it won't stop me coming here. The Nexus has the best mod site(s) around and that won't change. Thanks for your time.


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Excellent, I really have next to no complaints! The orange could be changed but I don't think it's a big problem. My only issue is the length of the news section: it seems way too prominent in conjunction with the rest of the site. All in all though, great changes, looking forward to the update! =)




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I'm so not a fan of that new layout. Feels like I'm reading a blog or something. This isn't a blog, it's a community which hosts a bunch of files for a bunch of games.

Not entirely sure why sites nowadays go for this blog UI, is it because it's simple? The current one is simple as well and way better looking to the eye.



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WOW! It really looks professional 0_o.




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After getting over the "This is not right what have you done, you monster!?" The site overall seems alright. The imageshare layout is great. I love the more from uploader link on the file section. The flow of the site is GREAT. After playing with it for a bit, I can navigate the site quite quickly. The fellow you found has done EXCELLENT in that regard.

Sadly that is the extent of the noticeable things that look stupendous. Hopefully it's just my negative lenses getting in the way. I do think that the orange used should be toned down a tad, or at least put in some non-white letters in it for better contrast.

As others stated, the coming together arrows of the logo make sense, but I don't see how The Elder Scrolls fit into it.

The capsule buttons feel quite... bubbly. I'm not sure exactly what it is about them, it may just be those negative lenses of general dislike.

As previously noted, the avatars in the comment section seem quite small.

Also, and hopefully this is just due to my resolution, the images on the mainpage seem to have the bottom half cut off. This causes some problems with the advertising of the mod. Ex. The image for "Diannes Kyn Hunteress Armour" only shows off the head and not much of the armor. Again that may be due to my minuscule resolution.

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Yeah... Sorry...But It ain't Particularly better.

The Current is Full-screen and More Practical.

But, Overall, It Not Bad, Though I Prefer the Old one.
But That's Just Because I Probably need to Get Used to the new, Centered-Standard-Blog-styled New one.

But That's My Opinion, But If you Implant it, Please Make A Feature to Switch from the New Design to the Old Design, and Vice-Versa.

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