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FCR2 - BE AWARE of xml mods that go into cookedPC as they will interfer with stats defined in FCR2 mod

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Just a heads up guys, I had installed a few xml based mods (that go into CookedPC\items). One mod doubled the duration of potitions via def_stats_item_potion.xml and another that gave better stats for import weapons via def_stats_item_swordsilver.xml.


I had installed them for my vanilla playthrough but had forgot them when I installed FCR2. This is just a heads up to warn you guys that these xml files are either prioritized over FCR2 or they are not defined in FCR2. To make a long story short, they'll interfer with the mods.


For example, the potions in Flash's mod last 60 minutes and once you're almost at the top of the alchemy tree, there is a skill called alchemist that removes all bad effects (such as damage reduction etc.) Because I had this potitions xml installed, I played 35% of the game with duration at 20 minutes with completly different potition stats then had been intended by flash. Way to shoot myself in the foot eh... :D lolol I was gathering ingredients left and right and pumping more potions out than a factory. I only noticed something was wrong when I had gotten to the Alchemist skill and all the negative effects were still there.


Another funny side effect was that after I killed the Anarchas in flotsam. I found Deithwin. The def_stats_item_swordsilver.xml file I had forgotten had Deithwin slotted at 40-45 whereas FCR2 has it at 18. I didn't know that at the time. When I found it on the ground next to Anarchas, I thought I found a doomsday weapons and I had (sorry, there's no polite way of saying this) massive wood. The game became a lot easier all of a sudden and it's only now that I realize that it's because 45 damage sword was only meant to be 18 damage...  :D ah well. Please learn from my mistakes community.

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