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Anyone need an Armor Idea?

heavy armor light armor shield

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So I really like the look of the Branded Iron Armor, to me it looks more reliable than some higher level armors; I also like the design of the Branded Iron Shield, It looks like it's got old Nordic magic imbued within. Thinking about these two awesome armor pieces gave me two questions: (1) Why isn't there any Branded Iron Gauntlets, Boots, & Helm? And (2) Why does the Branded Iron Shield look almost nothing like the armor it's supposed to be connected with?

For anyone looking for a new Armor mod Idea; how about a new full set of Branded Iron Armor. It could continue the look of the body piece to the arms, legs, and head pieces as well as incorporating into the set some of the designs of the shield, so as to better connect the whole set.

For someone looking for a light armor idea: How about a Fur Armor Helm that doesn't look like a furry bike helmet!
You could also try making a more heavier looking fur armor (i'm thinking more structure, less pelts; kinda like a rough, furry thieves guild armor), It would still be a light armor, only it could be comparable to Leather or Elven armor rating.
Also, just FYI, if you were really awesome you'd keep the Fur Bracers look rather than use the other fur gauntlets as they look way cooler!

Okay Thanks for reading! If you have questions, let me know!

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