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Invisible Models & Textures

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Well, I got my game back and it's annoyingly simple HOW.


As many have noted, patching (or removing) the mod DEF_UI, I think it's called, fixed the problem of crashing with the bInvalidateOlderFiles flag in the Fallout4Custom.ini file.   With the following change to the Fallout4Custom.ini:



All my meshes and textures appear like they should.  The reason I removed those lines was because "they" were causing me to crash.  But it wasn't them, it was ~something~ in my INTERFACE folder.  I still do not know what orphaned files caused the crash, but when I deleted the INTERFACE folder entirely, and restored the Fallout4Custom.ini file back to what it was pre-1.5 patch..... everything worked.


I tried deleting the INTERFACE folder before, but I was still crashing, but that could have been caused by anything.  So this may not be a cure-all, but if you have ~any~ INTERFACE folder with files in it, remove any mods you think may have put stuff there (like a scope mod or the full dialog mod) and delete the folder.  You can later install mods that alter the UI (if they are properly patched to 1.5, apparently) but clearing out the "orphaned" files that cause you to be unable to use the InvalidateOlderFiles change to the INI might fix your problems.


Sorry if this is rambling and long-winded --- this is my seventh hour tinkering with the game just to get things to work like they worked pre-patch. :tongue:

i had the same problem with nexus install in game i did't have any meshes turn out that the nexus mod manager doesn't instal meshes and textures, i had to drag and drop every textures and meshes manually and then i worked like anc charme. .. dd productions and aremorsmith etc, but i stil have problem with def ui and validi item sorting... and mi interface folder is completly emty after installing with nexus so i have to do it man,ualy but for this one i have no clue what to put inside because i use the fomod and there is a lot of options


please create video




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Have a look at steamapps/common/Fallout4/Data/textures.  There's probably a long list of textures in there. You can replace the missing ones manually, but it sounds like it would be a big task, and you may miss a few.




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Yeah, models in my game, such as the deathclaw model etc., are invisible. i don't know if this is a mod or a bug or something...


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