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The Deus Ex discussion thread

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I only cover the original game here but if anyone wanna talk about the sequels that´s ok :)

WARNING: Rosy glasses are fully activated!!

So Deus Ex... What can I say? It defined my years between 2000-2006 and it definitely withstands the tests of time as it is still one of the best games I have ever played. It´s so full of details and the whole game breathes quality throughout, it never feels rushed in any way. Bugs are almost non-existant, the only one I experienced was with the GotY edition I think where the music on one map is gone, but I can live with that, it´s no big deal.

What I love so much about this game is... Everything basically :laugh: It´s linear but at the same time you´re free to roam around the maps and there´s often multiple routes to take to reach your current objective and one of the best things are you can actually fail a mission completely or ignore parts of it and you still progress through the story. But you can´t just fail a mission and move on like nothing´s happened, you will face consequences like different dialogue, less pay and people less willing to give you extra stuff for free.

I also love that you can level up skills through XP. This gives the game an RPG element which I really like because it means you can have very different J.C Dentons from playthrough to playthrough. While this means it only differs in if you´re a master with a pistol or rifle, or if you´re a hacking god or a computer expert, it does make a big difference in the game. At least I feel that way.

The music... All I can say is the music is a masterpiece! Or I should say masterpieces. I don´t know how many nights I´ve sat down and just listened to tracks on youtube. They fit the game and its atmosphere perfectly and since it´s dynamic you hear a different tune when enemies are aware of you. Speaking of enemies, they do something in Deus Ex that enemies don´t do in so many other more modern games; they flee when heavily wounded. I really like that they do that, it adds so much to the gaming experience that no one is suicidal.

Gee, this got way longer than I thought and I still have things to say! But I´ll wrap it up by saying everything Deus Ex goes here. From general discussions to specific details and gaming updates.

So have fun! :)

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