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Mod Idea: Clutter n' Stuff thats Missing from Commonwealth

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I have wondered a lot about a few items, many of which were present in other various Fallout games, some were vanilla, some added by mods.


Here are the things I think are missing, most are items, one is a place/location.


Please feel free to add anything else that you have wondered about.


1: decks of playing cards. (I know New Vegas is well...new VEGAS, but the love of card playing isn't limited to just ppl in that area)


2:  basketball jerseys and or shorts. ( I would love a Celtics jersey for my Player to wear )


3: fire hydrants (this seems almost universally missing from the Fallout world though.  They have fire-fighting Protectrons, but no fire hydrants)


4:  Fire Stations (yes , this is the place/location I mentioned. Police Stations? Check.  Hospitals? Check. Military Outposts? Check, but no fire stations.)


5:  Condoms ( Ya would think there might be a few left?  Especially in some of those old abandoned broke-down dressers in old homes...lol )


6:  Brothels.  (yeah okay, this is another place/location --- but the idea just hit me.  Just surprised that so far I have only seen one Mod that had a neon sign to advertise "Live Nude Ghouls")  I really expected to see some --- Adult Variety Entertainment in Goodneighbor at least.


7:  harpoons.  ( I know its random but in light of the number of BIG aquatic critters scuttling around, I'm surprised there are no harpoon guns, or just harpoons.  Must be the 'anti-spear' thing that Fallout clings to in its games.  But, we could at least be able to find a few to use as decoration.)


8:  golf clubs and golf bags  ( umbrellas?  yeah, walking canes?  yep ----- golf clubs?  no )  I'd love to tee off on a Super Mutant with a golf club as a weapon

too.   "Oh Codsworth, I think I need my 7 Iron for this one !"


Thats all I have at this moment,  just needed to get that off my chest and outta my head.  :smile:





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