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Respawn tool: increase/decrease enemies

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Hello everybody! I love the story in the Dark Soul world but I really hate to kill the same enemies time after time. Is there anywhere a Tool or a Mod that can deal with the number of the times that an enemy respawns? Like for the second chapter but I'd like to choose how many time enemies can respawn or not. Can you create one in case?


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I was about to make a post requesting a 'No Enemy Respawns' mod but found this old thread.

I personally do understand why people feel that no respawns would make the game easier and ruin the experience (not to mention, ruin the lore), but I don't think that mindset takes into account those using the incredibly popular Enemy Randomizer mod.
I am about to attempt a playthrough where I replace all monsters with boss monsters, and while I imagine the majority of the playthrough will involve finding clever ways to avoid enemies, due to the variations in size this isn't always possible as they can sometimes block paths entirely.

So I simply would like a mod that removes respawns so that if I decided to take out a singular boss, or manage to defeat a boss despite them being in equally tough company, they'll stay dead.

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