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Diamond in the rough. (more a suggestion)

diamond city

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Something i always felt a missed opportunity in "The Great Green Jewel", is that they build into the field instead on the seats  http://imgur.com/OrCod8n. As cool as the huddled together mess around the market looks http://imgur.com/PNUmzJS. They firstly gave up to much safe farmland and secondly missed a class divide with status based on seat height*. The mayor has his office already in the pavilion suits (or press box) and the "upscale bar" Colonial Taphouse made it's own.
Other thing is that they didn't fortify more like bunker hill with barricaded streets and even two trucks to block the roads (they were probably already there, just not in a useful position). With guards on the walls and merchants in the outer side of the walls. Which other people said, too. There is one shop on the east wall, that got converted into a guards barrack of sorts http://imgur.com/tz593sv. http://imgur.com/sYcc04C
Basic idea
They might have needed to remove some concrete to repurpose the steel framework. But the taphouse and the nonsensical wall Kellogg's house is on shows at some point they would have the material and knowledge.
(Everything googled, i'm not much of a sports fan and in europe anyway.)
Just look at all the space. http://imgur.com/a/pYFsL
Thing is, i think with AI and Quests this might not even be makeable with Fallout 4 finished (all DLC, last Patch, last CK update?).




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I personally feel a lot of potential was wasted with Diamond City. Felt it was trumped up and supposed to be awesome, and it just has so much more that could have been done. I hope one day, someone COMPLETELY overhauls Diamond City. I'm not talking changing a few locations, or colors, etc...I mean if possible, ground up re-envisioning it to be more like how it was made to feel it would be before you got there. Maybe an old style business district look to it, more shops in buildings, better decor, better use of space, new areas, etc... Because, "The Great Green Jewel", seems more like a poorly painted green stone

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