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BOS & Minutemen Working Together.

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I liked The Brotherhood of steel (ever sense  Fallout 3) and i also liked the minutemen. I want to be both general of the minutemen and sentinel of the brotherhood. But there is this one problem i am facing. The Minutemen do "not like" the brotherhood. "I mean, can they have a diplomatic solution rather then killing each other ?!" The brotherhood wants to protect mankind from dangerous technology that can wipe out the world. And the minutemen wants to rebuild Society in the commonwealth. Would that make for a peaceful solution?! As for the other Factions like the institute & the railroad, well...I...didn't really cared about them." What can I say, we all have different opinions right?!" So i Was thinking if there could be a way to create a faction mod that will allow you to beat the game as a member of the brotherhood or Minutemen and continue playing the game as both members of the brotherhood and the minutemen. I know there some of you guys would think that this is total B.S but this is something that i want, something i desperately need! i mean the Creation Kit is out ( well on beta anyway ) so why not use it to create this one. Please I swear god, will someone create this mod?! not for just me but for the other Autistic Gamers ( such as myself ) that might be out there, That could be like me." Please i am begging you" I am a high functioning autistic adult that has  crohn's disease. I know there are some of you who don't care about people with disability's but can you at lest show some respect. I'm not as social as i used to be. If you choose to ignore this mod request than that could mean that you that might be someone who doesn't care about autistic people. That will tare me apart ( i am not joking i am "dead" serous ). i know the internet can be a dangerous place but i gust want this mod to exist. I don't know anything about making mods, but i know that some of you are. So please someone, anyone take this request with the best of your moding ability's. Todd Howard did say that "player freedom was there #1 goal" and i want that type of freedom in fallout 4.










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It's already very much possible to finish the game with both factions alive. In fact, the Minutemen can stay alive in any ending except Institute's. On my own character, I sided with the Minutemen with both Brotherhood and Railroad still alive.


As for becoming Sentinel:



It was in the original game, but cut apparently. That mod should restore the option. The Brotherhood and Minutemen will never ask you to kill the other unless you make them your enemy yourself. If you're with the Minutemen and make yourself an enemy of the Brotherhood, the Brotherhood will attack the Castle and they'll be at war. If you keep both factions friendly, you can stay member of both.

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