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Powerarmor Dash attack

powerarmor power armor dash mod idea bioshock mass effect

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I don't mean the running into an enemy with powerarmor perk, though it would be a nice criteria for being able to make this armor, but imagin this:


You see a group of enemies up top, too far for your shotgun. You know you need to close the gap quickly. You crouch down (hold sneak) and your jetpack thrusters start brimming with energy and anticipation (slowly draining the ap bar) until they are about to burst. With a blast you charge up (release sneak) and in a blink of an eye the raider sees your shoulder, just inches away from his face. After the millisecond of the raider's regret  you emerge from a red mist and scattering bodyparts. His fellow raiders, still unsure what just happened to their friend, wipe the blood from their faces and clamber for their guns, but before they can shoot, you empty a full clip of justice, centre mass.


I do recon this is quite some coding and it's not an original idea as it's basicly the same as the Vanguard class in Mass effect 2 and the Dash attack from Bioshock (which didn't fit the lore at all though).


However I found it the most thrilling kind of gameplay in those games and it seems fitting so well with the powerarmor. This would require a lot though. Special effects for the charging up, armor modifications, some way to autotrack enemies in that mode. Because it's just tons of fun to dart between enemies, trying to keep your ap up, just to be able to keep the paintrain going. At the same time putting yourself at risk and in the line of fire. At the same time you can use the offense to find a less crowded spot by charging a lonely stray from the pack.


There could be different kinds of volatile thruster engins, one that fills the ap bar after a thrust upon killing an enemy or successfully hitting nearby enemies.

Or a thruster with a cooldown, but reserves ap so you can use vats as you enter the fray.

Maybe it should be offsetted with a penalty for holding the charg (sneak) button to long, so that when you drain your ap completely, the thrusterpack explodes.


Yes, using the sneak button probably conflicts with sneaking, but this armor is clearly not meant for sneaking anyway. Like how picking Nerd Rage for a sniper built is redicilous.


I'm not much use for coding, but I can do plenty 2d art and I could invest some time in making 3d models again. I hope someone has fond memories aswell and might want to join up for collaboration. If not, just took me maybe 10 minutes to write up so no big loss there.

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